Can’t wait for spring? Here’s the shawl for you: Magrathea was the fourth pattern I created using the Hitchhiker shape, this time with an intricate lace border that grows during the knitting on one side and extends across all stitches to form the final border.

For my book “The Hitchhiker Collection”, we have knit a sample out of the beautiful “Sarah Tweed” by BC Garn: a silk yarn with an unusual, beautiful texture that is light but not slippery. In my book, you will find written-out instructions for the very first time for this pattern, as well as charts. Find the book and the yarn in Strickmich! Shop.

Strickmich! Club 2021 Cast-on Event No. 1

Our first virtual cast-on event for the first project from Strickmich! Club 2021 starts on Saturday, 27th February at 1 pm CET (Berlin time) here on my Youtube Channel (external link to Youtube). Happy casting on!

Circle & Square

Squaring the circle with an extra warm hat, perfect for these super cold days: The fabric is doubled at the forehead and the ears. “Circle & Square” is worked in one piece without any purl stitches or seams and comes off the needles completely finished.

This hat is especially pretty out of a soft yarn with long color changes like “Lazy Lion” by Kremke Soul Wool. Find the pattern and the yarn in Strickmich! Shop, the pattern is also on Ravelry.

Neu: Online-Kurse!

Um neue Stricktechniken zu lernen, sind Online-Kurse ideal: Ich kann alles genau in Nahaufnahme zeigen und erklären. Du kannst jedes Detail auf deinem Bildschirm mitverfolgen – das geht im Klassenraum meistens nicht! Kommende Woche starte ich mit den Kursen “provisorische Anschläge” (Dienstag, 2. Februar, 19:30), weiter geht es mit Socken, die von der Spitze aus gestrickt werden am Donnerstag, 4. 2. Am Schluss hat jede von uns eine süße Mini-Socke gestrickt! Buchung über den Strickmich! Shop. Bis dahin!


Leftie – a shawl originally designed to make use of those pretty little leftovers we all keep hoarding, is a also a perfect project for those cute mini-skeins or mini-balls we keep seeing everywhere. “Zauberperlen” (“magic pearls”) by Schoppel come in lots of lovely color combinations.

We love them so much we used them to re-knit “Leftie” for my book “The Hitchhiker Collection” with one of them. If you would like to make Leftie, find our yarn combo (with two skeins of natural white) in Strickmich! Shop. The pattern is available in the book as well as a single pdf.


A fun shawl with an intricate ribbed stitch pattern, knit up in the Hitchhiker shape: “Treehiker” is a shawl for knitters who love a (sort of) challenge, like to work from charts or long line of instructions and revel in the feeling of having accomplished something special!

Made out of a vegan yarn with a nice weight (“Morning Salutation” by Kremke Soul Wool), it’s a wonderfully stylish companion year-round.

“Treehiker” is part of “The Hitchhiker Collection” and only available in this book. Find it in the US at Miss Babs or in the UK at Arnall-Culliford Knitwear.

Strickmich! Club 4-2020

Es war ein aufregendes Strickmich! Club-Jahr, und ich freue mich sehr, dass es jetzt mit dem wunderschönen Garn von Susanne Walther alias Tieke Garne seinen krönenden Abschluss findet! Das Video ist ab dem 21. November um 13 Uhr auf meinem Youtube-Kanal (externer Link) zu sehen.

It was such an exciting year for everyone in Strickmich! Club – and I am very pleased to have Susanne Walther from Hamburg, Germany (aka Tieke Garne) and her stunning yarn as the stars of the last Cast-on Event for this year! The cast-on video premiers on November 21st on my Youtube Channel. Enjoy!

Bunny & Claire

If you have always loved the idea of learning how to do intarsia, this project is for you! Bunny & Claire is a simple triangle with an intriguing geometric pattern that requires no counting of stitches, no chart and only one single color change per row. It is much simpler than you probably thought, and you will have no qualms about trying new projects with this technique after you’ve successfully finished your “Bunny & Claire”. I chose a light and fluffy, animal-friendly sourced Angora yarn from Germany’s only Angora yarn producer “Seidenhase”, that will make your shawl delightfully warm and fuzzy.

Claire (hence the name!) treats her Angora bunnies extraordinarily well – she calls them “colleagues” and carefully shears them once a year when their fur gets too long. She places them on her lap and cuts off the fur by hand, all the while the bunny enjoys the beauty treatment! Then she sends of the fiber to a spinning mill where the yarn is spun.

Watch in this Youtube Video (external link) how the bunnies are kept and shorn

For “Bunny & Claire” you will need two 50-skeins of “Seidenhase Pure” in two different colors. Find yarn kits in Strickmich! Shop as a limited edition and also directly from Seidenhase, who also carries other color combinations.

The pattern is exclusive to my new book “The Hitchhiker Collection” which you can find in Strickmich! Shop or order from Miss Babs (US) and Arnall-Culliford Knitwear (UK).

The Hitchhiker Collection is here!

The Hitchhiker is celebrating its 10th birthday – and you are invited to the party! In my new book “The Hitchhiker Collection” you will find 20 designs using the Hitchhiker construction principle, but as diverse and fun as knititng can be: with loops and ruffles, lace and texture, intarsia and – of course! – Hitchhiker teeth. 17 of the 20 patterns are known and loved, 3 are new and only availiabe in this book:

Bunny & Claire made out of the beautiful, amazing Angora yarn by Seidenhase in Germany:

Treehiker out of my new favorite “Morning Salutation” by Kremke Soul Wool:

Hope & Confidence out of the tried and loved “Yummy 2-ply” von Miss Babs:

Find “The Hitchhiker Collection” in Strickmich! Shop and at selected retailers like Miss Babs in the US and Arnall-Culliford Knitwear in the UK.

Strickmich! Club 3-2020

Herzlich willkommen beim dritten virtuellen Anstrick-Event für den Strickmich! Club 2020! Hier geht’s zum Video (externer Link zu Youtube).


Welcome to the third virtual cast-on event of Strickmich! Club 2020! Here’s the link to the video (external link to Youtube). Happy knitting!