Looking for a Video Link?

Looking for a specific video link from one of my patterns, but you are always redirected to this page? I am sorry, there is something wrong with the redirection of the links, and I have not been able to figure out how to fix it. To access a video link like strickmich.de/nameoflink, please enter strickmich.frischetexte.de/nameoflink in your browser (of course, you need to replace “nameoflink” with the word that comes after the slash in the strickmich.de/ ). Alternatively, have a look at my Vimeo page (external link to Vimeo.com), where all my videos are hosted. If that does not work, please contact me via mail (at) strickmich.de.

Here are a couple of direct links to the videos:

Miss Winkle

Endless Rainbow: Slip
Endless Rainbow: Move

Blauer Pfau