Bunny & Claire

If you have always loved the idea of learning how to do intarsia, this project is for you! Bunny & Claire is a simple triangle with an intriguing geometric pattern that requires no counting of stitches, no chart and only one single color change per row. It is much simpler than you probably thought, and you will have no qualms about trying new projects with this technique after you’ve successfully finished your “Bunny & Claire”. I chose a light and fluffy, animal-friendly sourced Angora yarn from Germany’s only Angora yarn producer “Seidenhase”, that will make your shawl delightfully warm and fuzzy.

Claire (hence the name!) treats her Angora bunnies extraordinarily well – she calls them “colleagues” and carefully shears them once a year when their fur gets too long. She places them on her lap and cuts off the fur by hand, all the while the bunny enjoys the beauty treatment! Then she sends of the fiber to a spinning mill where the yarn is spun.

Watch in this Youtube Video (external link) how the bunnies are kept and shorn

For “Bunny & Claire” you will need two 50-skeins of “Seidenhase Pure” in two different colors. Find yarn kits in Strickmich! Shop as a limited edition and also directly from Seidenhase, who also carries other color combinations.

The pattern is exclusive to my new book “The Hitchhiker Collection” which you can find in Strickmich! Shop or order from Miss Babs (US) and Arnall-Culliford Knitwear (UK).