Hat. But where’s the scarf? And what about gloves?

So I finished my Blaukäppchen:

I would love to wear it, but I do not own a scarf or gloves/mitts to go with it! The bright-red gloves I knit last year won’t do (despite my Wollmeise-induced  liking of bright colors I prefer not to look like a clown when I take my kids to daycare). Well, I could use a black fleece scarf I picked up at a market booth for 2 Euros and wear simple black gloves with it. But that would be boring. On the other hand, a hat, scarf plus mitts of the same color would be equally boring. (Note to self: Need to think more before I knit). However, I think that the bigger danger in being a knitter is to exaggerate with your knitted accessories: The meticulously cabled hat, a beautiful lace stole and some intricate gloves that were so much fun to knit. How do you guys do it? Do you plan complete hat-scarf-glove-combinations when you start knitting? Do you combine knitted and bought stuff? Or do you go completely wild? And, most importantly: What kind of scarf do you think would go well with my Blaukäppchen?

Hey English-speaking readers! Welcome to my blog. I am currently thinking about posting in both English and German. What do you think? Please let me know, your feedback is appreciated!

5 Comments on “Hat. But where’s the scarf? And what about gloves?

  1. I struggle with the question of accessories, too, so I don’t have much advice to offer. I do have an opinion about the English-German question: I’m coming here to see the knitting and practice reading German, but your English is wonderful and you shouldn’t hesitate to post it if you’d like.

  2. It´s great since German is so hard to understand. I use google-translate but if you write in English that´s perfect. I love you hat, and it looks so great on you.


  3. Wow, I wish that I could blog in more than one language! What about a Stephen West Flamboyan with a little of the blue somewhere in it?

  4. Just want to say thanks for posting in English too. I did learn German at school (more than 40 years ago) but it takes me hours to understand a single paragraph……!

  5. Please post in both German and English. My German is woeful – only 2 years in high school. This helps, lots. Thank you! Re: hats/mitts/scarves, I try to plan for coordinating pieces but it is rare that I actually finish both. More often than not, I wear a handknit scarf or cowl with plain black leather gloves (which are easier to drive in, anyway). I have a mitt/cowl idea in the works and also a shawl/mitten idea – the latter using the same colorway but two different fiber blends. We’ll see. Until then, I mix and match because otherwise, I’m too cold!