Hitchhiker Beyond

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Hey, is that a Hitchhiker? No wait, something is different… There are teeth all around your neck! And many more than 42! And it’s symmetric! How did you do that?
Simple: This is not a Hitchhiker, but a Hitchhiker from a parallel universe – it’s a Hitchhiker Beyond!

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The toothy edge is placed on the long side of the skinny triangle (on the original Hitchhiker, it’s on one of the short sides). The triangle is almost perfectly symmetric, which I am sure some of you will find very pleasing. But apart from that, the Hitchhiker Beyond shares the desirable qualities of its cousin: Garter stitch on the bias lets a pretty handdyed multicolor shine, it is squishy and warm, and the resulting shape is easy to wear. Only one skein of colorful fingering weight yarn will make a shawlette long enough to wrap around your neck several times. And just as the Hitchhiker, the Hitchhiker Beyond is an easy knit that is suitable for beginning knitters – and for those of you who do not like casting on or casting off lots of stitches. Enjoy, relax, and have fun showing this off to your knitting friends!

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Now available for Download in Strickmich! Shop and on Ravelry.

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One Comment on “Hitchhiker Beyond

  1. Ich habe viele handgefärbte 100g Stränge u.a. Merino/Polyamid. Da passt die Anleitung wunderbar und kann mir und meinen guten Freunden neue kleine Tücher stricken so wie den “Easy”. Dankeschön.