In da Club IV: Heike Rehfeldt / Wollkenschaf

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And here, finally, is our fourth dyer for Strickmich! Club: Lovely Heike Rehfeldt and her Wollkenschaf-yarns! (“Wollkenschaf” is a word play in German, meaning something like “the cloudy, woolly sheep”.) When a friend of mine showed me the beautiful skeins she got at Heike’s shop, I knew I needed some of that, too. Heike enjoys experimenting with colors and interesting dyeing techniques, making the most astonishing multicolor and batik colorways. Her latest colors can always be admired by everyone who passes by her shop window in the little town Heede in Heede, in Germany’s most northern state Schleswig-Holstein:

Wollkenschaf 2

Heike is originally from Berlin and earned herself a little pocket money as a kid by selling knitted lace table cloths. Today she usually knits her own yarns and prefers shawlettes, and the patterns do not have to be that complicated anymore: “On Sundays, I put my feet up, turn o the TV and knit – that’s my time to relax and enjoy myself!”, she says.

Heike started dyeing in 2011: “When I offered my yarns for the first time in my local yarn store, the feedback was great – everyone wanted them”, says Heike. Her son Paul helped her set up a website for selling the yarns online, and since then those little “cloudy sheep” have been flying to their new, happy owners. In summer 2013 Heike found that she had to make a decision: It took her to much valuable dyeing time to keep her little shop open all the time. Also, the tiny kitchen in that shop was too small for serious dyeing.

Wollkenschaf 1

Heike decided to move her workshop to the countryside and concentrate on dyeing – good for us knitters! And good for her, too: “I am so happy that I moved here!”, she says. She enjoys the time she spends here experimenting and developing new colors that will become available as “single sheep” in her online store. If you want to enjoy her yarns live, you are welcome to have a look: Her store is open every two weeks, and you will find it hard to choose between all those beautiful yarns, among them luxury yarns with cashmere, alpaca and silk.

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Heike has agreed to create a new color with a special yarn for Strickmich! Club , and I am really looking forward to it!

5 Comments on “In da Club IV: Heike Rehfeldt / Wollkenschaf

  1. Wieder eine tolle Färberin. Du hast eine gute Auswahl getroffen.Endlich ist es bald soweit.
    Viele liebe Grüße von Chris

  2. Noch so eine tolle “Färbefrau”-ich bin schon ganz gespannt auf die Wollfärbungen für den Club….Grüßle Doro

  3. Irgendwie hatte ich es geahnt / gehofft …. Ich liebe Wollkenschafe :)))) und Heere ist für mich genauso weit entfernt wie Altona – nur weniger Verkehr ;)
    verstrickte Grüße

  4. Hallo, das sind ja schöne Farbkombinationen und Hamburg und Umgebung ist ja auch nicht so weit weg.