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It’s been about a year that I own this little black bag (“Side Effect” by Tom Bihn), but I have started using it only recently. It’s not exactly stylish, but such a pleasure to use: several pockets inside, rings to clip your key-chain on and a zippered pouch on the back for the really important things. Also, you can hide the hip belt and add a shoulder strap. And it holds much more than you would guess! In short: I love this little bag, but I wanted it to look a little more interesting. So I took a strand of Wollmeise yarn and prettified it knitter-style:

PimpmyBag 5

The heart is embroidered in knit-stitch. Now it goes really well with my crocheted iPhone-cover and my Key Thingie.

When looking at Tom Bihn’s website, I found that they suggest putting the little black bag into a bigger one – what a revelation! I like to switch between bags, and it has happened more than once that I left something important behind because I forgot to re-pack it: Earphones, mints or (worst of all!) my bus ticket. From now on, all these things will be in the little black bag and it will either be used solo or inside one of my bigger bags. Then I also knew how I would put my “Swift Knitting Bag” (also Tom Bihn) to use. I liked it because it is lightweight and roomy, but I did not feel comfortable using it as my daily bag because it only contains transparent zippered pouches:

PimpmyBag 2

For tissues and my glasses that’s all right, but where would I hide my money and my phone? With the little black bag that problem is solved: I just use a key strap to clip it to one of the rings inside the knitting bag (where you can also clip pouches with knitting accessories and cosmetics). The rings are really useful: I can now clip my water bottle on so it will be upright all the time and not cause any messes.

And this is what my knitting-mom-on-the-run-bag looks like when it’s (almost) filled (the black “Side Effect” Bag is on the bottom):

PimpmyBag2 1

And there is also room for my knitting (prototype for a new design that I am really excited about – pattern to be published in the next couple of days!):
PimpmyBag2 2

I have been using it like this for a couple of days and like it quite a bit! The only thing I really miss is a big, comfy shoulder strap so I could wear the bag cross-body, which I usually do with all of my bags. I am also thinking about taking it to VogueKnittingLive to New York next week, where I will enjoy classes, inspiration and the company of many great knitters!

5 Comments on “Pimp your Bag

  1. Ja, ich habe auch immer eine Tasche in der Tasche ;-)
    Als Berufspendlerin organisiere alles in Modulen:
    1. Strickmodul 2. Wertsachenmodul 3. Notizbuch-Modul und ein Lesemodul (früher Buch – jetzt Kindle).
    Modul 1. und 2. muss immer mit!
    Viel Spaß in New York! Gegen die herschende Kälte hast Du ja genug Schals.

  2. Super-Idee, da bin ich bisher noch nicht drauf gekommen. Werde aber diese Modul-Pack-Weise mal ausprobieren. Bisher steckt mein Strickzeug in einer ollen Plastiktüte.

  3. Hallo,

    eine Frage:

    Sind diese Tom Bihn-Taschen auch in Deutschland erhältlich oder nur über die verlinkte Homepage?
    Ich suche schon seit längerem nach einer Tasche für meine Strickutensilien.

    Danke für die Info?

    die gerade einen Viajante auf der Nadel hat. :-)

  4. Die Taschen gibt es leider nur direkt auf über den Online-Shop in den USA.

  5. So nun hab ich mir nach langem überlegen, weil die Tasche + Versand ja schon etwas teurer ist, endlich die Swift bestellt. Montag kommt das gute Stück schon an! Den Tipp mit der Packart werd ich sofort umsetzen, vor allem das mit dem Wertsachenbeutel ;) Ich hoff ich bekomm da mein Viajante-Projekt, eventuell Wollknäuelhalter, Zeitschrift, Strickzubehör, Kindle, Wasserflasche, Pampers, Feuchttücher und sonstiges unter