Pimp your Strickplaner – Giveaway!

Only a few short weeks and Strickplaner 2019 will be my permanent companion – I always carry my planner with me in my little Bag
(“Side Kick” by Tom Bihn). This way, I always have all info about appointments and my knitting projects with me, which gives me peace of mind. And if something comes up or I have an idea that needs to be written down, I have everything at hand.

For the second time now we have produced Strickplaner jointly with the calender experts at weekview: The weekly layout is about the same as in the “Compact Note” planners, but a few important details are different: the colors, our knitting inspiration on the bottom left, the headlines for the to-do-lists. Instead of “goals” we just have an arrow pointing to the right because I figured that sometimes, you would rather write down a weekly motto or an important event that takes place in that week.

The measurements are the same for both planners – and that’s a big advantage, as all the accessories that weekview offer for their Compact Note will also work in Strickplaner! I have been using the little colorful tabs in my 2018 planner, and I knew I wanted to use them in my 2019 planner as well, as they really help me find things quickly.

So I added them to my 2019 Strickplaner and am very pleased with the result:

I also added a pen loop – not the one by Leuchtturm I used in the past years, but our very own in matching pink. They are a little wider and will accomodate thicker pens and the color looks just great:

As an experiment, I wanted to try the expandable inner pocket that weekview offers: It can be added to the back of the planner and comes with adhesive tape attached. It’s not as pretty as our cute endpapers, but hopefully vey useful! The pocket (“Froschtasche”) is available from weekview here.

You need a steady hand to put it in place, but it’s much easier than, say, adding a screen protector to your phone. Voilà!

I just love the tabs and I know many of you would love an interior pocket in their Strickplaners, so I asked weekview for some to give away. The pockets come with black pen loops and weekview stickers, and I added 3 Strickmich! Sticker sheets plus pink pen loops in case you prefer them to match your planner. I have two pocket sets to give away and one with the tabs, stickers and a pink pen loop.

To enter, send an e-mail to mail (at) strickmich.de (using “Giveaway” as the subject line), and we will draw the winners on Friday. Good luck!

Prizes were gifted by weekview. The email addresses of participants are only used to contact the winners. All addresses will be deleted once the winners are drawn and received their prizes.