Shore Hap Joy

Dark skies and blue waters, pebbly beaches, brown seaweed, blackened wood and stormy gray clouds – those are the colors of the very north of Germany: Schleswig-Holstein, my home. What shall I say? I grew up here, and despite having lived in warmer and friendlier parts of this planet, I would not want to be anywhere else. The climate is a good excuse to wear wool (almost) year-round, especially around the neck and shoulders – areas that are most affected by winds and weather when taking a walk outside.
My interpretation of the hap is inspired by the colors of Schleswig-Holstein, which also seem to be the colors most loved and worn by its inhabitants – probably because they are stain-proof and flattering at the same time. Traditional festive dresses of the islands of the North Sea are dark brown with blue trims, and sailors, a frequent sight in the cities with big harbors, used to wear blue and white striped uniforms. The shape of my hap is that of a modified sailor’s collar with a triangular instead of a square back. This struck me as especially useful, as it can be wrapped and tied in various ways around your shoulders and is likely to stay put and keep you warm, even if you are working around the house and garden, carrying firewood or sweeping your yard.

The long ends of the hap could be tucked into the front of an apron or skirt – which is probably why I found a shawl shaped like this one in the Flensburg Museum. But I am sure you will find your own flattering way to wear this interesting shape. Worked in a modern smooth and lightweight superwash merino yarn, it will wash well and keep you good company for many years to come. Made entirely in garter stitch, the knitting process is easy and relaxing and will easily fit into your life, no matter how busy.

This pattern is now available as a single download or printed leaflet in Strickmich! Shop, where we also carry the yarn I used and kits in beautiful color combinations. It is also on Ravelry, of course!