Strickmich! Club 2020

… that’s four times excitement when unwrapping your package,
four times pleasant surprises when you unpack a brand-new exclusive special skein of yarn,
followed by pure knitting bliss with a new pattern by Martina Behm.

Sign-ups for Strickmich! Club 2020 are closed now. Sign-ups for Strickmich! Club 2021 will take place in November 2020.

What’s so great about being in Strickmich! Club? Find out in this video (link to Youtube):

What to expect from Strickmich! Club? Find out about prices, colors etc. in this video (link to Youtube):

What’s it like in Strickmich! Club? What kind of patterns can you expect, and can you participate if you’re a beginning knitter? Find out in this video (link to Youtube):

Strickmich! Club consists of four new knitting designs by Martina Behm (creator of popular knitting patterns such as Hitchhiker, Leftie, Viajante) plus four skeins of especially chosen, exclusively dyed yarns, carefully selected by Martina for her designs that you will surely enjoy knitting with.

Perfect knitting fun for an entire year
Special yarns, new, original patterns and always the right project conveniently arriving at your doorstep – sounds perfect! Especially if you don’t have a lot of time and like to focus on what’s fun about knitting: The knitting! Instead of browsing the internet for hours while looking for a new, interesting pattern and a yarn that will go with it, ordering it from a website in a language you don’t speak and picking it up from customs, you can just relax and start knitting. If you love hand dyed yarns, love to try new things and are part of the knitting avant-garde, Strickmich! Club is just for you. Especially if your time is too precious to spend in the time-sucking vortex that is the internet. If you prefer to just knit – join Strickmich! Club for one entire year of knitting fun without the hassle.

Four New and Exclusive Knitting Patterns by Martina Behm
Each shipment will contain a high quality printed booklet with a knitting pattern especially designed for the Club by Martina. The Club patterns will only be available in print in the Strickmich! Club for 6 months. As soon as the pattern is available for sale online, each Club member will also receive a PDF copy to store in your Ravelry Library or on your computer. The designs are perfectly matched to the Club yarn so you can start knitting immediately. This unique combination also makes for a very special project. Therefore, there will be no „pattern only“ version of the Club. Each knitting patten will be available in English (and German), please make sure you select your favorite language at sign-up. Each pattern contains a set of four cubic Strickmich! beads that you can add to your project as your special membership badge.

Strickmich! Club beads added to the 2015 Club project “Thousand Tulips”.

Four Matching Yarns that will not be for sale anywhere
The yarn will be dyed especially for Strickmich! Club and Martinas pattern. The colorway will also be exclusive to the Club for all time, i. e. it will not be available from the dyers or from Strickmich! Shop. Only Club members will be able to order additional skeins in our Club Shop. If you like your shawls and cowls very big, we recommend opting for “Double Yarn”: You will get twice the amount of yarn. Martina always includes instructions on how to make the club projects bigger. Please note: The double yarn shipments must not be shared and the patterns must not be photocopied or otherwise shared or passed on.

The Single Yarn option consists of 450 g of yarn in total, the Double Yarn option gives you 900 g in total. For 2020, we have chosen supersoft yarns out of Wool (Merino Fiber) and blends with luxury fibers such as silk.

If by any chance you do not like the yarn (it is a surprise after all), there should be many takers. We have seen many Club members wanting more of the exclusive yarn and so there is always someone to trade with. The patterns can be easily knit with a different yarn of the same type. On the other hand, some members have told us that the Club shawl made from a yarn that they would have never bought themselves is now their favorite that they wear all the time… Our color spectrum tends to be more on the cold side, we regularly feature blueish and turquoise tones and cool reds, sometimes a little green, purple or a tiny bit of orange, yellow and brown come into play. However, one shipment always features yarn from the pink-berry spectrum, as this is Martina’s favorite!

Dyers and Yarns 2020



Four Times a Year
In Strickmich! Club you will receive a surprise package four times during 2020. The exact shipping dates are a surprise as well, but we will ship sometime before our Cast-On-Events so they can serve as orientation points. We do ship all over the world and have rarely had any problems.

Examples of yarns from past club years

Close to the Designer’s Heart
Martina says: “Strickmich! Club is the one project that is closest to my heart, and it has been for the past five years: I work with the most beautiful yarns that were created especially for me and my Club members by the most gifted dyers and yarn makers of the planet, and it enables me to provide knitters with a perfect combination of yarn, color, design and pattern. A dream come true! I am over the moon about the dyers we chose for 2020 and their yarns – I can’t wait to cast on the samples for the new club patterns! I am happy about every single member and am striving to make the club experience a great one for every one of them. Starting with the choice of dyers, yarn base, color, design, layout, knitting experience, packing the cute little parcels and shipping them – I do work on every single step and personally do take care that in the end, everything adds up. That’s very important to me, because every parcel should bring you pure knitting joy!”

Examples of patterns from past club years

Events & Videos
At the live cast-on event in Damsdorf, you will likely meet the dyer, who also brings more of her beautiful yarns for you to shop. Martina’s interviews with the dyers live on stage are also broadcast live via youtube on the day of the event. Also, whenever a pattern requires a special technique, instructional videos are available on her website – so you do not have to worry that you might not be experienced enough to knit the club patterns.

We are very happy and proud that despite rising prices in the yarn world and the more luxurious fibers we are offering in Strickmich! Club 2020, we managed to lower our prices a bit compared to 2019. The Single Yarn option consists of 450 g of yarn in total, the Double Yarn option gives you 900 g in total.

Membership Germany Single Yarn including shipping: € 193,70

Membership Germany Double Yarn including shipping: € 321,90

Membership E.U.-Countries Single Yarn including shipping: € 217,60

Membership E.U.-Countries Double Yarn including shipping: € 345,80

Membership Worldwide Single Yarn including shipping: € 219,30

Membership Worldwide Double Yarn including shipping: € 347,50

Membership Pick-up in Damsdorf, Germany, Single Yarn: € 173,70

Membership Pick-up in Damsdorf, Germany, Double Yarn: € 299,80

The “Double Yarn” option is intended for member who wish to make their projects larger by using more yarn. It must not be shared!



Sign-ups start on November 3rd on

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