Strickmich! Club 2021

… that’s four times excitement when unwrapping your package,

four times pleasant surprises when you unpack a brand-new exclusive special skein of yarn,
followed by pure knitting bliss with a new pattern by Martina Behm.

In the upcoming Club year 2021 the yarn colors and patterns will be exclusive to our members for 12 months after their appearance in the club.

Sign-ups for Strickmich! Club 2021 will start on October 16th 2020 on this website.

Strickmich! Club 2021 consists of four new knitting designs by Martina Behm (creator of popular knitting patterns such as Hitchhiker, Leftie, Viajante) plus four skeins of especially chosen, exclusively dyed yarns, carefully selected by Martina for her designs that you will surely enjoy knitting with.

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Strickmich! Club as you like it: Choose your Strickmich! Club experience!

In this video I introduce our dyers for 2020

Four new, exclusive knitting patterns by Martina Behm – that’s what all our membership options have in common! The patterns are the heart of the club. Every member will receive 4 new knitting patterns digitally as PDFs just in time to cast on with everyone else at the cast-on dates. Martina will also record a cast-on video for each design, interviewing the dyer, revealing the design and unboxing the yarn!

The four Strickmich! Club beads in “Thousand Tulips”, a pattern from Strickmich! Club 2015.

Single yarn: Our most popular option – Add the perfect amount of yarn to your club membership if you would like to make the projects just as Martina designed them! Martina always uses one skein of the exclusive club yarn to design her patterns: shawls, cowls, and… maybe also something else! You will receive all four yarns (1 x 150 g, 3 x 100 g) in one package, each one packed in an opaque paper bag so you can open them on the cast-on dates without having your surprise spoiled. You will also receive the Strickmich! Club beads to make your project unique.

Double yarn: If you want more! You love your shawls big and cozy? You are a yarn aficionado who just can’t get enough of beautiful yarn? The double yarn option is for you! You can use the second skein to make your project larger (the pattern will tell you how), to knit a second project (e.g. to give away as a gift) or to use the second skein for an entirely different project. You will also receive a set of Strickmich! Club beads for every project. Pleae note: The double yarn option is meant for one person and must not be shared. It is prohibited to forward or copy the knitting pattern – it’s licenced for one person only. Thank you for understanding!

No yarn: Knit from your stash. If you would prefer to make the patterns with yarn from your stash, this is the option for you. A clever knitter like you will have no problem figuring out which yarn will be suitable for the pattern! Please note that we will not be able to help you choose your yarn nor adapt the pattern to your yarn choice.

Printed Patterns. You would like to receive the patterns as printed booklets just the way they were in the years before? No problem! Chosse “printed patterns” as an additional option – we will add a small fee for printing and shipping for those.

Virtual Knitting Classes – meet Martina online!
As we can’t host our live knitting events in Damsdorf, Germany next year, Martina will offer virtual classes via Zoom for every design in Strickmich! Club. She will explain all the techniques, answer all your questions and make sure you will be confident while knitting the current club project. “I am really looking forward to teaching these classes,” Martina said. “I have had such good experiences teaching at Virtual Vogue Knitting live – it’s such a pleasure to meet knitters this way and help them to learn new techniques!” Don’t miss this option when you sign up!

Peter and I discuss what’s new in Strickmich! Club 2020 (link to Youtube)

Strickmich! Club Website

Perfect knitting fun for an entire year

Special yarns, new, original patterns and always the right project conveniently arriving at your home – sounds perfect! Especially if you don’t have a lot of time and like to focus on what’s fun about knitting: The knitting! Instead of browsing the internet for hours while looking for a new, interesting pattern and a yarn that will go with it, ordering it from a website in a language you don’t speak and picking it up from customs, you can just relax and start knitting. If you love hand dyed yarns, love to try new things and are part of the knitting avant-garde, Strickmich! Club is just for you. Especially if your time is too precious to spend in the time-sucking vortex that is the internet. If you prefer to just knit – join Strickmich! Club for one entire year of knitting fun without the hassle.

Four Matching Yarns

The yarn will be dyed especially for Strickmich! Club and Martinas pattern. Our color spectrum tends to be more on the cold side, we regularly feature blueish and turquoise tones and cool reds, sometimes a little green, purple or a tiny bit of orange, yellow and brown come into play. However, one shipment always features yarn from the pink-berry spectrum, as this is Martina’s favorite!

Examples for yarns from the past club years

Close to the Designer’s Heart
Martina says: “Strickmich! Club is the one project that is closest to my heart, and it has been for the past seven years: I work with the most beautiful yarns that were created especially for me and my Club members by the most gifted dyers and yarn makers of the planet, and it enables me to provide knitters with a perfect combination of yarn, color, design and pattern. A dream come true! I am especially excited about our 2021 yarns, as they are extra luxurious and soft – I can’t wait to cast on the samples for the new club patterns! I am happy about every single member and am striving to make the club experience a great one for every one of them. Starting with the choice of dyers, yarn base, color, design, layout, knitting experience, packing the cute kits and shipping them – I do work on every single step and personally do take care that in the end, everything adds up. That’s very important to me, because every club project should bring you pure knitting joy!”

For every club pattern, Martina records a Cast-on Video in which she presents the design and the yarn, so you can have your own little cast on event at home. Also, whenever a pattern requires a special technique, instructional videos are available on her website – so you do not have to worry that you might not be experienced enough to knit the club patterns.

All the details and options in Strickmich! Club 2021 (external link to Youtube)

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