Class: Toe-up Socks

Ich bin zwar nicht wirklich eine Sockendesignerin, aber ich stricke gerne welche – und weil mich bei meinen Events schon öfter Strickerinnen angesprochen haben, ob ich nicht einen Toe-up-Sockenkurs anbieten kann, findet am 23. Januar mein allererster Kurs zum… Read More

Perfect Twins

These beautifully colored toe-up socks for my daughter (pattern is “Spice Man” by Yarnissima) have sweetened my evenings during the past couple of days. They are so easy to knit, and the pretty stripes in girly colors are… Read More

Rainbow Sock

I really had planned to knit rainbow-colored socks during the Olympic Games in Sochi, but somehow I did not get around to it. I loved the idea to set a sign for equality in this world, had the… Read More

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday, and this is my gift for her: A pair of very warm socks made of Wollmeise Twin (colorway “Suzanne”). I knit half of the second sock during my flight to New York, the… Read More

Suzanne, the Sock

When I visited Wollmeise a couple of weeks ago, I needed a little carry-on-project that I could knit while waiting for the plane, during the flight (luckily no one confiscated my knitting needles during security check!) and while… Read More