With a little help…

When we started to think about a paper planner for knitters, we immediately knew we needed support from the knitting community: dyers who had become friends, yarn companies that we like to work with, people who we like and and admire and whose products and projects we love. When I showed our first drafts of a planner that is designed to help knitters find more time for their hobby, many liked it and wanted to be a part of it. Now a number of wonderful dyers, yarn shop owners, accessory producers, retreat organizers, yarn companies, artists and yarn importers are supporting Strickplaner by having ads in the weekly spreads, banner ads or full-color ads in the back of the book, although some of them said they usually do not sponsor anything because they are fully booked or sold out most of the time anyway. But they thought Strickplaner was a project worth supporting, and now here we are! Now I feel that Strickplaner is not just a new product, but a joint project of the knitting community, by people who feel connected through their love of yarn and knitting. We do think that’s pretty cool!

For you as a knitter and user of Strickplaner this means that in a couple of weekly spreads, the knitting inspiration will be from a sponsor, e. g. pointing towards knitting events, handdyed yarns and knitting accessories (which you might be delighted to hear about if you haven’t yet!). In the other weekly spreads, you will find inspirational quotes and our “My 3” prompts that will ask you to think about which knitting projects you like best, who you love to knit for and who your favorite designers are. We think it’s an awesome mix and we hope you will find that, too!

We thank all the lovely sponsors who have helped Strickplaner come to life!

Alpaca Yarns from Peru

Knitting Patterns, Books & Kits

Small Fiber Festival in Southern Germany

Knitting & Crafting Cruises

Handdyed Yarn

Handdyed Yarn

Fiber Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

Blog + Online Store

Yarn from Hamburg, Germany

Yarn Shops in Berlin, Germany

Creative Retreats

Handdyed Yarn

Handdyed Yarn

Certified Organic Merino Yarns

Beautiful Yarn from all over the world

Colorful Yarn made in Germany

Patterns and Yarn by Carol Feller

Knitting Stickers Julie Levesque

Knitting Accessories

Handdyed Yarn

4 Comments on “With a little help…

  1. Ich freu mich schon drauf,
    denn ich hab schon einen Weekview Kalender für dieses Jahr,
    aber als Strickplaner ist er bestimmt noch mal so gut.
    Liebe Grüße Sabine

  2. Oh ich freue mich schon auf den Strickplaner und kann es kaum abwarten bis er endlich zu erwerben ist :-))) Ganz tolle Idee!!!

    Herzliche Grüße Marion