Strickplaner – Idea

“All those pretty patterns! I wish I had more time to knit…”

As a passionate knitter, I know what you are talking about: So many creative ideas, but how do I find the time to pursue them? My day-by-day amongst job, family and friends, the house, the garden, the pets… It is a big challenge to synchronize my deadlines and appointments with those of my family, and an even bigger one to plan ahead and prioritize. My smartphone just would not do the job: I felt I was lacking an overview, and I needed something more tangible than a digital calendar. So, for a couple of years, I wrote down my to-do-lists in a simple notebook using the Bullet Journal method, which I liked quite a bit. But at some point, I needed a real planner to jot down events and tasks that would come up in the future. (I blogged about that here.)

I researched paper planners, and I discovered the ones by the small Munich-based company weekview: They have lots of clever features in a functional layout, are beautifully designed and also offer abundant space for lists and notes – which is so important to me, as my head is always full of ideas that need to be written down and organized. Since I have been using my weekview planner, I feel like being in charge again. Instead of carrying an ever-growing to-do list from day to day, I plan my weeks with enough buffer time. Weekly planning reduces my stress level, even if an important deadline is coming up or I am running between parent-teacher meetings, doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping. But the best thing is: I also find that I have more time to knit and for other creative projects.

I thought it would be a brilliant idea to have pages for my knitting projects, yarn purchases, project ideas and yarn wish lists right there with all my other important information in my planner! So I teamed up with the wonderful people at Weekview, and we created Strickplaner (German for “Knitting Planner”), which will be available in English and German. Our goal is to help knitters everywhere to find time for what is important to them – and cleverly plan and organize their crafty lives!

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