• Leaf me this way

    Meet “Leaf me this way”: a seamless cowl with a decorative lace border. Enjoy mindless knitting during the first part and a little bit of excitement when you reach part II, where the lacy border is worked. The… Read More

  • Double Hitch

    The Hitchhiker family has grown: “Double Hitch” has a double zig-zag border instead of the simple one you know from the original pattern. Tiny squares are knit into the zig-zags, of course completely modularly and seamless, it just… Read More

  • Literally

    A narrow scarf with a good length, knit out of soft and colorful wool, is the best accessory for reading in the park, for browsing the shelves of your favorite bookstore or library or on your way to… Read More

  • Happy Crowd – a colorful cowl

    A happy crowd of people, in colorful clothes, maybe gathering on a lawn, drinks in their hands, maybe listening to a band playing, chatting along – that’s the picture I had in my mind when I first saw… Read More

  • Half Norwegian

    This black rock is the Nord Kapp! I am back from a fabulous Knitting Cruise to Norway! The Fjords were amazing, and I really loved the days we spent north of the polar circle, when the sun never… Read More

  • Sommer Camp 2023

    What could be better than knitting outside in the sunshine? Easy: Knitting with others outside in the sunshine – either virtually or in real life! This year, we invite you again to our Strickmich! Sommer Camp: We will… Read More

  • Hitch on the Move

    My new knitting pattern “Hitch on the Move” combines the zig-zags of my most popular design, the “Hitchhiker” with the fun construction of “Match & Move”. In this sample, we have used two beautiful summery yarns that you… Read More

  • Rise

    How about a beautiful, light summer shawl with that uses only one skein of yarn? “Rise” is just for you! Knit up one skein (100 g will suffice) of fingering weight yarn until you run out – “Rise” uses… Read More

  • Square Squared

    Here’s my new hat “Square Squared”! You start with a square that is knit in the round and continue working back and forth until the hat is complete. No seaming! The hat can be adapted to the desired… Read More

  • Rosida

    You like a little lace, but not too much? You like projects in solid colors and want to make the most of that single skein of yarn you bought? “Rosida” might be just the knitting project for you!… Read More

  • Graffiti Park

    When Miss Babs – one of my favorite dyers of the planet – asked me to design something for her knitting club, the only possible answer was: Yes! I love her yarns and it’s always a pleasure to work with… Read More

  • Concrete Flower

    Meet “Concrete Flower” – it’s a swoncho! This cool sweater-poncho hybrid is made out of less than 100 g of a super light, super fluffy yarn and is perfect for traveling with you as it can be tucked away… Read More

  • Liebe Hannah

    A shawl for cold days: “Liebe Hannah” is huge and will warm you whenever you need it. Winter may come! In my sample, I have knit up almost seven skeins of Rosy Green Wool Cheeky Merino Joy. If… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-on Event 4-2022

    On November 19th, starting 1 pm CET, you can watch my cast-on video here on youtube. Enjoy!

  • Let’s knit together on November 19th

    On Novmeber 19th, we will host our next knitting event here in Damsdorf, Germany! From 1 to 2 pm, we will celebrate the cast-on event for the fourth project of Strickmich! Club 2022. And at 2 pm, we… Read More

  • Aglaisio

    A cowl with an interesting construction and just a tiny bit of lace – Aglaisio will be a lot of fun to knit! I designed Aglaisio for the third yarn of Strickmich! Club 2021, and now it’s available… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-on Event 3-2022

    On Saturday, September 17th, at 1 pm German time we will cast on the third project of Strickmich! Club 2022! Here’s the link to the video (external link to Youtube). Enjoy!

  • Knitting Event on Sept. 17th

    Our next knitting event takes place on September 17th in our lovely old pub in Damsdorf in Schleswig-Holstein, the most northern state of Germany. Join us for the cast-on event of Strickmich! Club at 1 pm if you… Read More

  • Rüsch

    Let’s rüsch! This little scarf is so much fun to knit – and will make even the simplest outfit special! You will need only one skein of fingering weight yarn – use up that special hand dyed yarn that has… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp 2022

    We have great summer gifts for you! Until August 31st we are knitting together and chatting along beside the virtual campfire in Strickmich! Netz – where we do not only play the guitar, but knit on our individual projects! If… Read More

  • Sophiste

    Here comes “Sophiste” – a stole that is zig-zagged through and through, and (because it’s more fun) on the bias. I have knit my samples out of the beautiful, squishy “Lovely Merino Treat” by Rosy Green Wool. It’s mulesing-free,… Read More

  • Knospe

    Knospe (“bud”) is here! A pattern as easy as Hitchhiker and as pretty as Lintilla: Worked entirely in garter stitch, it’s perfect to knit on a long weekend or your next trip to the lake. The scallops are… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2022 Cast-on Event No. 2

    On Saturday, May 21st at 1 pm CET we will celebrate the second Cast-on event of Strickmich! Club 2022 – live hier in Damsdorf and in this video (link to Youtube). Strickmich! Club brings you the best yarns of… Read More

  • Get your ticket for our Knitting Event now!

    © Autorenfoto: Isabela Pacini Finally we will see each other again! On May 21st, we will be hosting a real live knitting event here in Damsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. We will start at 1 pm with the cast-on event… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2022 Cast-on Event No. 1

    We will cast on together on February 26th at 12 noon! The link leads to Youtube.

  • Knitting From Your Stash

    You would like to use up the yarns from your stash? I have a few useful tips for you in this video (link to Youtube):

  • Planning my Year with Strickplaner

    Planning my year is a vital part of my life as a desiger, and this spread in Strickplaner – your knitting planner – is the most useful tool for that! I can put in my kid’s school vacations… Read More

  • Winter Special in Strickmich! Shop

    We have something special for you in Strickmich! Shop: For orders between November 25th and December 22nd, we will throw in the following gifts if you shop for a certain amount (excluding shipping costs). Orders above 60 Euros… Read More

  • Feldmark

    Simple, but with a nice effect: “Feldmark” is the name of this shawl, and it looks especially good in a self-striping yarn that will do all the work for you. Just knit it up in squishy garter stitch,… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2021 Cast-on Event No 4

    Finally! On Saturday, Nov. 20th we will cast on the fourth project of Strickmich! Club 2021 together. Here’s the link to my video on youtube (external link). P. S.: You can still join Strickmich! Club 2022 for a… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2022: Sign up now!

    Our sign-up page at www.strickmich.club is open now! Spots with our exclusively dyed yarns are limited. The amazing club yarns for 2022 are coming from:

  • Strickmich! Club 2022 – Videos!

    Sign-ups for Strickmich! Club 2022 start on October 15th! Find everything you need to know on our website www.strickmich.club and in these videos that Peter and I made for you: All about shipping, the options, online classes and… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2021 Cast-on Event No. 3

    Here’s the cast-on video for the third project of Strickmich! Club 2021 (external link to youtube). Enjoy!

  • Quadra Cowl

    Fascinating! Quadra Cowl will change its appearance depending on which side you wear on the outside. It’s a double-layered construction that looks especially cool in a self-striping yarn or with mini-skeins. Quadra Cowl is worked in the round… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp Woche 7: Ozelot und Friesennerz

    Susanne Matthiessen grew up on Germany’s jet-set island Sylt in the 70s and 80s where her parents had a fur boutique – you can imagine how bizarre her childhood was! The parents were working all the time, doing… Read More

  • Sommer Camp Week 6

    This week’s Sommer Camp audiobook is available in English! Simone Buchholz lives in Hamburg’s famous red light district St. Pauli. And that’s also where her crime stories around prosecutor Chastity Riley take place. In “Blue Night” (all links… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 5

    This week in Strickmich! Sommmer Camp, we’re listening to an audiobook by German thriller author Yassin Musharbash, whose book “Russische Botschaften” premiers this week. In my podcast, I talk to him about his collaboration with John le Carré… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 4: Knitting by the Window

    This week I have talked to Alena Schröder from Berlin: Her book “Junge Frau…” (“Young woman, standing by the window, dawn, blue dress”) is a huge success in Germany and I recommend the audiobook as our audiobook of… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp – Week 3

    The third week of Strickmich! Sommer Camp starts now! Our motto is “Knitting with friends”, and that’s also what the second photo challenge is about. In Strickmich! Sommer Camp Podcast, I have talked to German author Stephan Bartels… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp Woche 2: Mein Helgoland

    This is the second episode of Strickmich! Sommer Camp Podcast (only in German, sorry!). I talk to German author Isabel Bogdan about her latest book and audiobook “Mein Helgoland”, which is about her love for the tiny Island… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 1: Summer-Knitting in the City

    Strickmich! Sommer Camp starts today! For our German knitters, I am recording a podcast about my favorite audiobooks to listen to while knitting. I am starting with Till Raether’s book „Treue Seelen“ („Faithful Souls“) that is set in… Read More

  • Strickmich! Bowl

    New in Strickmich! Shop: An accessory bag that opens up to a bowl in which it is easy to find your knitting tools. Strickmich! Bowl is quite voluminous, everything fits from your dpns to long pencils. The bowl… Read More

  • Join Strickmich! Sommer Camp now!

    A virtual knitting summer camp: Every knitter chooses a project to work on during 6 weeks from July 23rd to September 3rd. You choose which yarn and which pattern – it does not have to be by Martina…. Read More

  • Panoramic Cowl

    A warm little cowl, worked in garter stitch out of a spectacularly hand dyed yarn – that’s a perfect project for your summer vacation! “Panoramic Cowl” was the fourth pattern of Strickmich! Club 2020, and now it’s being released… Read More

  • Wrap & Warm

    It’s a cardigan! Wrap & Warm is knit seamlessly in the round, so there are no long rows of purl stitches. Also: very few stitches to cast on, no special cast-on techniques, no short rows, no seaming. A… Read More

  • Coming up: Strickmich! Sommer Camp 2021

    Last year we had a ton of fun with Strickmich! Sommer Camp: A virtual knitting camp to bring us all together! Every participant picked their own project to work on during the six weeks between mid-July and the… Read More

  • Virtual Cast-on Event 2-2021

    Here’s the link to the cast-on video (link to Youtube) for the second project of Strickmich! Club 2021. Enjoy!

  • Lintilla

    Garter stitch is fun – and even more so with ruffles! For my book “The Hitchhiker Collection” we have knit a new sample of this shawl, using a yarn with fun and pretty color changes. As with the… Read More

  • Hortensien

    Hydrangeas (German: Hortensien) just look amazing when fall comes: The colors spectacularly change from white, pink and baby blue to purple and gray. A perfect inspiration for this shawl and its colorway! Two asymmetrical triangles are connected by… Read More

  • Poppy Project

    It’s both a versatile cowl and a shrug: Poppy Project! If you love relaxed knitting with an interesting construction, this project is for you. The sample for Strickmich! Club 2020 was knit out of 150 g of “Big… Read More

  • Jasminde

    A beautiful big lace shawl in an amazingly soft and warm yarn in amazing colors: “Jasminde” is a great project for everyone who wants to start their first lace project, as there are only two different rows of… Read More

  • Easter Special in Strickmich! Shop

    All Strickmich! Shop orders above 40 Euros (excluding shipping) will earn a free pink organic cotton project bag (retails for € 11,90) from March 26th through April 5th! Just place your order as usual, we will add the… Read More

  • Magrathea

    Can’t wait for spring? Here’s the shawl for you: Magrathea was the fourth pattern I created using the Hitchhiker shape, this time with an intricate lace border that grows during the knitting on one side and extends across… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2021 Cast-on Event No. 1

    Our first virtual cast-on event for the first project from Strickmich! Club 2021 starts on Saturday, 27th February at 1 pm CET (Berlin time) here on my Youtube Channel (external link to Youtube). Happy casting on!

  • Circle & Square

    Squaring the circle with an extra warm hat, perfect for these super cold days: The fabric is doubled at the forehead and the ears. “Circle & Square” is worked in one piece without any purl stitches or seams… Read More

  • Neu: Online-Kurse!

    Um neue Stricktechniken zu lernen, sind Online-Kurse ideal: Ich kann alles genau in Nahaufnahme zeigen und erklären. Du kannst jedes Detail auf deinem Bildschirm mitverfolgen – das geht im Klassenraum meistens nicht! Kommende Woche starte ich mit den… Read More

  • Leftie

    Leftie – a shawl originally designed to make use of those pretty little leftovers we all keep hoarding, is a also a perfect project for those cute mini-skeins or mini-balls we keep seeing everywhere. “Zauberperlen” (“magic pearls”) by Schoppel… Read More

  • Treehiker

    A fun shawl with an intricate ribbed stitch pattern, knit up in the Hitchhiker shape: “Treehiker” is a shawl for knitters who love a (sort of) challenge, like to work from charts or long line of instructions and… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 4-2020

    Es war ein aufregendes Strickmich! Club-Jahr, und ich freue mich sehr, dass es jetzt mit dem wunderschönen Garn von Susanne Walther alias Tieke Garne seinen krönenden Abschluss findet! Das Video ist ab dem 21. November um 13 Uhr… Read More

  • Bunny & Claire

    If you have always loved the idea of learning how to do intarsia, this project is for you! Bunny & Claire is a simple triangle with an intriguing geometric pattern that requires no counting of stitches, no chart… Read More

  • The Hitchhiker Collection is here!

    The Hitchhiker is celebrating its 10th birthday – and you are invited to the party! In my new book “The Hitchhiker Collection” you will find 20 designs using the Hitchhiker construction principle, but as diverse and fun as knititng… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 3-2020

    Herzlich willkommen beim dritten virtuellen Anstrick-Event für den Strickmich! Club 2020! Hier geht’s zum Video (externer Link zu Youtube). •••••• Welcome to the third virtual cast-on event of Strickmich! Club 2020! Here’s the link to the video (external… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club: Sign-ups start Oct 16th

    Get ready for Strickmich! Club 2021! This year, we will offer lots of options: choose printed patterns or pdfs, choose how much yarn you would like and extra online classes with Martina. This amazing yarn club will offer… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2-2020

    Endlich ist es so weit! Alle Mitglieder des Strickmich! Clubs 2020 haben ihre Päckchen in den vergangenen Tagen bekommen. Und hier ist das Video für das virtuelle gemeinsame Anstricken (Link zu Youtube): Finally! All members of Strickmich! Club… Read More

  • Pretty Planner Bag

    A cute little knitted bag for your Strickplaner 2021 – your knitting planner! Made out of the shiny but durable “Pinta” by Pascuali – your planner will always be with you and well protected, but in style. Download the pattern… Read More

  • Strickplaner 2021 – your knitting planner is here!

    2021 will be better than 2020, right? It surely will with this little planner that we created with knitters’ needs in mind: A clever time management system will help you stay on top of your tasks and your… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 6

    Final challenge! This time, you will have until August 31st to finish your camp project, take a beautiful picture and post it either in our thread on Ravelry, or using the hashtags #strickmichsommercamp and #sommercampfinal on social media…. Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 5

    How do you keep cool while knitting? Feet dangling in a bucket full of ice water? A big nice icey cocktail by your side? Do you wear a big hat? Show us how you manage to knit in… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 4

    Let’s make everything more fun, more colorful and more squishy by adding knitted or crocheted embellishments to our surroundings! Show us your yarn bombing project: a stone, a door handle, a lamp post or maybe a little dwarf… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 3

    Last week we knit at a distance, but this week it’s cuddle time: Our motto is “Knitting with Pets”, and that’s also the theme of our next photo challenge. Pets can be challenging knitting partners sometimes when they… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 2

    I hope you have chosen an enjoyable project and are having fun while knitting on it during these lazy days. We will continue our journey of knitting together apart this week – and that’s also what our motto… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp Woche 1

    We’re starting our Strickmich! Sommer Camp! I am happy that you are with us. We will knit together during six weeks (until August 31st). You will receive a weekly Camp Newsletter via email and there will be a… Read More

  • Strickmich! Sommer Camp

    Join us at Strickmich! Sommer Camp! For six weeks this summer, we will knit together, sit by the lake or by the fire, cool our feet in the water and have a good time! Every participant chooses her… Read More

  • Knitting Easy & Relaxed: Scrunchie

    My new (German-speaking) video for beginning knitters is live on Youtube! Today, we are making a scrunchie out of fingering weight yarn. For everyone who already knows how to knit: Materials 10 g colorful sockyarn (Crazy Zauberball, colorway… Read More

  • Knitting Easy & Relaxed: Handwarmers

    This is a pattern for a little video series I made in German for beginning knitters with small and quick projects. For those of you who would like to make them and already know how to knit, here’s… Read More

  • Knitting Event on May 23rd cancelled

    Dear knitters, with a heavy heart we decided to cancel our planned knitting event and Cast-on Event for Strickmich! Club on May 23rd. It is currently unclear whether we will be allowed to hold our event and sell… Read More

  • Happy Easter!

    In Strickmich! Shop, we have a little Easter gift for you: We will throw in an organic Strickmich! Project bag in all orders above 30 € (excluding shipping) until April 14th! That said, I am sad to announce that… Read More

  • Polarlys

    One of the most spectacular phenomena on this planet must be the Northern Lights: In colors from blue-teal to purple they illuminate the sky close to the North Pole, and if you are lucky during your vacation in… Read More

  • Tough & Toasty

    I made these little short hand warmers out of pure necessity: My office tends to be a little cold – which I appreciate during the summer months, but it can be a bit annoying during winter. My hands are… Read More

  • Survey + Raffle!

    Help us to make your knitting better – and win! Join our online survey! Everyone who completes the survey by April 30th will have the chance to win one of the following prizes: 1. One gift certificate (€… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2020 Cast-on Event No. 1

    It’s about time! Here’s our Cast-on Video for the first shipment of Strickmich! Club 2020 (external link to vimeo.com). Enjoy! You can also watch the cast-on event live on my youtube channel at 1 pm German time (external… Read More

  • Frattali

    It’s been a long winter – time for a little bit of color, don’t you agree? Enter my new pattern “Frattali”: made out of a spectacular color-changing yarn by German manufacturer Schoppel (famous for the Zauberball!), and the fractal… Read More

  • Wie, äh… Sie stricken?

    This blog post is only available in German. I apologize! Wie, äh… Sie stricken? Jawollja. Das tue ich. Und ich habe Abitur, und auch einen Abschluss in Volkswirtschaftslehre von einer schnöseligen Universität in England, eine Ausbildung an der… Read More

  • Mrs Watson

    One night I watched an Episode of “Sherlock” – it was the one in which Mr Watson has a wife, Mrs Watson. She was wearing a dress with an all-over leaf pattern that served as an inspiration for… Read More

  • Noch’n Projekt

    This blog post is only available in German. I apologize! Warum es wichtig ist, immer mehrere auf den Nadeln zu haben „Startitis“ nennen es viele Strickerinnen, wenn sie nicht aufhören können, immer neue Projekte anzuschlagen: Hier noch ein… Read More

  • Match & Move by Martina Behm

    Match & Move, freshly knit!

    The basic design of this shawl is so commonplace and popular now and has inspired a lot of designs, but when I came up with it in 2014, it was a true invention in the construction of knitted… Read More

  • Night on the Town

    How about a short trip to a vibrant city nearby? There’s always a lot to see, especially at night: Theaters, clubs, pubs and much more. When I was in High School, my best friend and I would spend… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-on Event No. 4

    We are ready! Our fourth cast-on event of 2019 is about to happen – we will be broadcasting live on Youtube from 12 noon CET (external link to Youtube). You can find my cast-on video here (external link to… Read More

  • Sign up now for Strickmich! Club 2020!

    Sign-ups are open now on www.strickmich.club … and better be quick: the number of spots is limited

  • Video: What’s it like in Strickmich! Club 2020?

    What kind of projects can I expect in Strickmich! Club 2020? And what knitting skills are necessary? Find out in my new video (Youtube-Link):

  • Strickmich! Club 2020: Manos del Uruguay

    In this series of blog posts we will introduce the dyers who are providing the yarns for Strickmich! Club 2020. Strickmich! Club is a subscription for four new knitting patterns by Martina Behm plus matching, exclusively dyed yarn…. Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2020: Fyberspates

    In this series of blog posts we will introduce the dyers who are providing the yarns for Strickmich! Club 2020. Strickmich! Club is a subscription for four new knitting patterns by Martina Behm plus matching, exclusively dyed yarn…. Read More

  • What to expect in Strickmich! Club

    This video has all the answers (link to youtube): Prices, yarns, colors…!

  • Strickmich! Club 2020: Tieke Garne

    In this series of blog posts we will introduce the dyers who are providing the yarns for Strickmich! Club 2020. Strickmich! Club is a subscription for four new knitting patterns by Martina Behm plus matching, exclusively dyed yarn…. Read More

  • What’s so great about Strickmich! Club?

    Find out in this video (link to Youtube):

  • Strickmich! Club 2020: Alte Künste

    In this series of blog posts we will introduce the dyers who are providing the yarns for Strickmich! Club 2020. Strickmich! Club is a subscription for four new knitting patterns by Martina Behm plus matching, exclusively dyed yarn…. Read More

  • Planner Protection

    A knitting planner needs a knitted cover, of course, so it is well protected during its adventures in your knitting bag. “Planner Protection” is a slipcover with an opening at the top of the book, to shield the… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-on Video No. 3

    Happy casting on of the third project of Strickmich! Club 2019! Here’s the link to the video (Vimeo link, opens in new window).

  • Strickmich! Knitting Inventions – coming soon!

    Strickmich! Knitting Inventions – coming soon! Exiting news: There will be a book! Hardbound, with a gorgeous layout and all new pictures. “Strickmich! Knitting Inventions” is a collection of all my designs that were departures from what had been… Read More

  • Knit & Crime

    On September 14th, German crime novelist Till Raether will visit us again and read from is latest book – and it will be more funny than scary, I promise! If you don’t speak German and are planning to… Read More

  • Our next Knitting Events

    Come and knit with me! In our beautiful old pub in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein we serve homemade yummy cakes and good coffee. In our Mini-Shop you will find Martina’s books and patterns, yarns by Rohrspatz & Wollmeise,… Read More

  • Berry Skies

    A cowl that looks like a scarf that looks like a shawl, is an easy-peasy knit and has an unusual construction, accentuated by stripes in my most beloved colors – that sounds like a new favorite project of… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-on Video 2-2019

    Here’s our second virtual Cast-on Event of Strickmich! Club 2019. Enjoy! (Vimeo-Link, will open in a separate window). And don’t forget to tune in today at 12 noon German time to see our live Event – we will… Read More

  • Knitting Friend to go

    I just love to write. I forget everything around me, and unless someone comes in and interrupts me, I am in flow in no time. When I was a kid, I used to write about mice who fell… Read More

  • Astrid Lapidus: Knitting in Bars

    Blocking wire sets and innovative knitting accessories of the highest quality, imported from Israel – that’s Lazadas, and I am proud and happy that we carry them in Strickmich! Shop. At h+h cologne, the world’s largest fair for creative… Read More

  • Selago Sunset

    Warm, calming and fascinating to watch at the same time – that’s how sunsets are at the Cape of Good Hope, and this is the shawl that channels this feeling! Bright lavender and green on a light background… Read More

  • Strickplaner 2020 Sponsoring

    So cute, so useful and totally indispensable: Strickplaner – your knitting planner – has become a vital part of many knitters’ lives around the globe. I myself can’t imagine life without it, and so I am really happy to announce… Read More

  • Wood Warbler Cowl

    Gradient yarns are fascinating, and the fun doubles when you use two of them together: The constant color changes will produce new interesting stripes every couple of rows. Knit on the bias in garter stitch, this cowl makes… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2019 Cast-on Video No. 1

    Here it is: The first virtual cast-on event of Strickmich! Club 2019. Enjoy! P. S.: And don’t forget to watch us live on youtube at 12 noon German time! Links to external pages vimeo.com and youtube.com.

  • No Mulesing, Please

    Patrick Gruban, co-founder and co-owner of German organic yarn pioneer Rosy Green Wool talks about mulesing of Merino sheep, and what knitters can do about this Merino lambs Strickmich!: In Germany, reports about mulesing in Australian Merino sheep… Read More

  • Come see us at H+H Cologne!

    During the past years, we have only been visitors at H+H – but this year we will exhibit, probably with the smallest booth this trade show as ever seen. We’re next to Strickimicki in Halle 2.2, Stand F29. Peter… Read More

  • Big & Beautiful

    I have been living in an old pub in the northern German countryside for five years now. It was built in 1906 and remodeled in the late 1980s. It’s beautiful and I really love it, but the house… Read More

  • We’re hiring!

    Strickmich! is looking for a (German and English speaking) trainee – please find our job description here.

  • Strider

    Take a deep breath, enjoy the view, walk a few miles in a bizarre landscape that was left behind by the gravel mines surrounding our village – that’s what I enjoy every day. “Strider” is a scarf that… Read More

  • Horizonte

    “Horizonte” (German: “Horizons”) is the name of this shawl that I designed for the second instalment of Strickmich! Club 2018. Just as looking at the horizon will calm your nerves and put things into perspective, this combination of… Read More

  • Pimp your Strickplaner – Giveaway!

    Only a few short weeks and Strickplaner 2019 will be my permanent companion – I always carry my planner with me in my little Bag (“Side Kick” by Tom Bihn). This way, I always have all info about appointments… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-on Event 4/2018

    It’s a grand finale for Strickmich! Club 2018 with a beautiful yarn and an extraordinarily creative dyer: Let’s celebrate our Cast-on Event! (external link to vimeo) P. S.: and don’t forget to tune in live at 12 pm… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2019: Skudderia

    So here she is, the fourth yarnie for Strickmich! Club 2019: Maike Schnichels and her yarn collection “Skudderia”. Skudde is the name of a rare middle European sheep breed, and Maike happens to have five of them grazing… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2019: SweetGeorgia

    Felicia Lo is one of the big names in the world of hand dyed yarns: “SweetGeorgia” is synonymous with intense, brilliant and fascinating colors – Felicia’s signature style. “My favorite colors are pinks, purples and plums – whenever I… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2019: BC Garn

    The yarns by BC Garn from Denmark are really special to me: My first (and only!) sweater design was made out of BC Garn, and it was published on Knitty.com (“Joanie”), which is a special honor for any… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2019: Buntwurm

    If you have been to a fiber festival in Germany, chances are that you know her colorful yarns: Nicole Seelbach, also known as “Buntwurm” (in German it means something like “color-worm”…), loves to present her creations live and… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2019 is coming

    Exciting news: Strickmich! Club will continue in 2019, and we will be more exclusive than ever: luxurious, soft fibers and exciting new designs by Martina Behm. For the first time in Strickmich! Club’s history, the yarn colors that… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-on Video No. 3

    Here’s our third cast-on Video for Strickmich! Club 2018: Also, if you happen to be around, you can watch the event live on youtube from 12 noon German time. Enjoy!

  • Video: Strickplaner 2019 Walk Through

    Strickplaner – your knitting planner: How it came to be, what is new and what it looks like. So take out your knitting, put up your feet and enjoy the ride! (External link to youtube, not embedded)

  • Obvious Color Play

    It took me quite a while and a couple of hours with my crayons to figure out how I wanted to arrange the colors in my new knitting pattern “Obvious”: The Brown should not be next to the… Read More

  • Obvious

    A big, soft stole knit in garter stitch, out of a wonderful organic yarn in great colors: That’s Obvious! I had the idea for this shawl when I was casually staring at the schematic of the knitted book… Read More

  • Strickplaner 2019

    I know – 2018 is only half over, but I just could not wait to get my hands on the 2019 edition of Strickplaner… and now it’s here! I am so happy and excited about the new cover material… Read More

  • Cover Your Plans

    … and here comes the pattern for the Strickplaner 2019 book cover: “Cover Your Plans” is a slipcover knit on the bias in garter stitch that will make your planner look stylish and protect it when you are… Read More

  • Strickplaner 2019  Video Preview

    Yesterday I got a call from the production manager at our printing company, and it turns out that only a few steps are missing before Strickplaner 2019 will be on its way to us! To make the wait… Read More

  • Jen’s coming to visit!

    Our next knitting event is almost here! This time, our special guest is Jen Arnall-Culliford of Arnall-Culliford Knitwear. She is the mastermind behind clever books like “A Year of Techniques”, “Something New to Learn about Cables”, and –… Read More

  • How and When to Get Gauge

    “My Hitchhiker is tiny! And my Shrug & More does not fit! Why is that?” That’s easy, and you may have already guessed it: It’s because of GAUGE. The good news is: You do not always have to… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Anstrick-Event 2-2018

    Welcome to our second Cast-on Event of Strickmich! Club 2018! Here’s our Cast-on Video on Vimeo – enjoy! Also, we will be broadcasting live from Damsdorf from 12 noon on. Find the youtube-link to the live event here.

  • Tomorrow: Live!

    The stage is ready for our Strickmich! Club cast-on event tomorrow Saturday! Next to me you will find the lovely person who made the yarn for the 2nd installment of Strickmich! Club 2018, and we will be live… Read More

  • Areas

    My new shawl pattern is called “Areas” – minimalist knitwear design to the max. Just two colors, arranged in interestingly shaped areas to yield an elegant shawl. Choose a luxurious yarn in your two favorite colors. The knitting… Read More

  • Video: How to use Blocking Wires

    What are blocking wires for? To make your lace-shawls extra beautiful! Watch this video on Vimeo to see how they are used. Find Lazadas Blocking wires in Strickmich! Shop.

  • Knit & Crime

    At this event, German crime author Till Raether will read from one of is books at 3.30 pm in our ballroom – but don’t worry if you don’t speak German, there will be the usual knitting going on… Read More

  • Hand Herz Seele Retreat

    We will have a relaxing weekend at Lake Plön with exciting knitting workshops, a mini-cruise on the lake (perfect to bring your knitting along!) and an Open Studio here in Damsdorf on Saturday to which everyone is welcome…. Read More

  • Spiral Escape

    Dark alleys, intense colors, unforgettable melodies and a tragic love story – “West Side Story” is one of the biggest music movies of all time, and great to watch while knitting. Preferably something that goes well with the… Read More

  • Strickmich! Shop – The Tour

    Take a little tour of Strickmich! Shop – the little shop in Damsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) that only opens on specific Event dates. Almost everything I show in the video is available in Strickmich! Shop. Strickmich! Shop – the tour… Read More

  • We are looking for a trainee!

    We are looking for a trainee here in Damsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein! Ausbildung ECommerce Strickmich Feb 2018

  • Strickmich! Club 2018 Cast-on Video No. 1

    Here is the virtual cast-on-event for our first installment of Strickmich! Club 2018 (Vimeo-Link):

  • Karnickel

    Angora fiber is delicate, light and warm at the same time – wonderful for a beautiful handknit shawl! The yarn I used is from Seidenhase in Germany: Claire keeps her beloved Angora rabbits in spacious hutches and carefully… Read More

  • Strickplaner 2019 for Retailers and Sponsors

    The year 2018 has started and for many, many knitters it’s the first year with our little Strickplaner – a paper planner for knitters that will help you focus on the important things in life (knitting, of course!)… Read More

  • Let’s go to Scotland

    Every March, Mica and Jo welcome knitters and yarn lovers from all over the world to their gorgeous city to take part in Edinburgh Yarn Festival. It is truly the most beautiful and best-organized yarn festival I have… Read More

  • Breaking in my Strickplaner 2018

    Finally! The end of 2017 has arrived and it is time to break in our Strickplaners. In this video I show which accessories I use and what I have already written in my planner. How do you use… Read More

  • Tough & Toasty

    Wearing little fingerless mittens like these somehow makes me feel a little tougher – maybe that’s because leather versions of this are frequently worn by bikers, cyclists or people operating some kind of heavy machinery. Well, the only… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-on Event No 4

    With a little delay but lots of enthusiasm nevertheless: Here’s the fourth virtual cast-on event of Strickmich! Club 2017. Enjoy!

  • Rockin’ Rows

    This pattern took me a little longer than usual – I wanted the stripes to line up perfectly in the decrease sections, and I wanted a perfect triangle! The result is called “Rockin’ Rows”, because it will rock your… Read More

  • Keeping Track

    … is not that easy! Luckily I switched back to planning my weeks on paper at the beginning of 2017. Nothing gets lost, I have an overview of the current week with a to do list that makes… Read More

  • Dibadu for Strickmich! Club 2018

                                    Colors, colors, Dibadu! Barbara Wolff lives and works in Germany, at the border of the Teutoburger Forest, close to the town of… Read More

  • Zwei rechts, zwei links

    Ebba Drolshagen has written a book in German about the history of knitting, and she will come to Damsdorf for a little reading on November 18th. We are happy to have her!

  • Blacker Yarns for Strickmich! Club 2018

                                      And here she is, our third yarn supplier for Strickmich! Club 2018: Sue Blacker and her wonderful Blacker Yarns! Sue is… Read More

  • Cowgirlblues for Strickmich! Club 2018

                                    Her yarn have this special, relaxed feeling to it – looking at it, touching it or knitting with it feels like a vacation!… Read More

  • Zauberwiese for Strickmich! Club 2018

                                    I always feel flattered when a dyer lets me know she would like to participate in Strickmich! Club for the second time… Read More

  • Shore Hap Joy

    Dark skies and blue waters, pebbly beaches, brown seaweed, blackened wood and stormy gray clouds – those are the colors of the very north of Germany: Schleswig-Holstein, my home. What shall I say? I grew up here, and… Read More

  • Bellrose

    She was known as fearless, she loved her freedom, her music and the stage: Janis Joplin. In the 60s, everything she did was revolutionary. She left Texas to sing with a band in San Francisco, she cried and… Read More

  • Strickplaner – your knitting planner live!

    Strickplaner 2018 – your knitting planner is here! In this video on Vimeo I flip through it and talk about the planning tools. Enjoy! Available in Strickmich! Shop and from selected retailers.

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-on Event 3-17

    … and here is the third virtual Cast-on Event of Strickmich! Club 2017. Enjoy! Cast-On-Event-3-2017-English (Vimeo-Link)

  • Strickplaner… coming soon!

    Strickplaner will arrive at Strickmich! headquarters in a couple of days! To sweeten up the wait, I have put up the Strickmich! Knitting sticker sheets in our shop: We have prepared everything so we can start taking orders… Read More

  • With a little help…

    When we started to think about a paper planner for knitters, we immediately knew we needed support from the knitting community: dyers who had become friends, yarn companies that we like to work with, people who we like… Read More

  • Our new Organic Project Bags

    You probably know that I lived through my puberty in the 80s which made me an eco-conscious hippie in disguise. And (this is more obvious) I love pink. Plus (less obvious) I try to keep a tidy house… Read More

  • Toranja

    Something soft and sugary will surely sweeten up any season for you: “Toranja” is Portuguese for grapefruit, and that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this yarn. And I love pink grapefruits!… Read More

  • Summer Mojo

    Sometimes, I just sit on the couch, while my current knitting project sits on the coffee table next to me. There it is, the beautiful yarn, the nice sharp needles and the pretty shawl that I am really… Read More

  • Wolkig

    Please find my new pattern “Wolkig” in Knitty Magazine! … and the lovely yarn “Manos del Uruguay Fino” in Strickmich! Shop.

  • Green Light Shawl

    Green and light – that means green lights for everyone who would like to knit their very first lace project! It starts with simple garter stitch on the bias, the lace border is knit on last. The result… Read More

  • About Black Holes

    I have been knitting on this big lace shawl for weeks, but there still is no end in sight, no matter how many hours I spend with it… There is only one explanation: It’s a Black Hole on… Read More

  • Cast-on Video 2/2017

    Happy casting on to all our Club Members! Cast-on-II-2017

  • Pretty Sharp!

    A couple of weeks ago I held a little refresher knitting class for the women of our village. Some brought their own knitting needles, others borrowed some of mine. One experienced knitter who had already made a Hitchhiker… Read More

  • Knitting Company

    Here’s a confession: I love to be alone. Just love it! When I am on my own, I do what I feel like, I knit, I sit down with my notepad and make sketches, I look at pictures… Read More

  • No more diets, please

    These skeins are probably overweight Every now and then I browse the forums on Ravelry, and in almost every group one topic emerges every few weeks like the full moon over our village: the stash diet. Knitters all… Read More

  • Puerto Montt

    Striking and intense, dramatic color and contrast, and fascinating geometric shapes are what you can see if you board a ship in Puerto Montt in the very South of Chile and travel a few nautic miles to the… Read More

  • Knitterly Infidelity

    Knitting many things at once is the way to go! I cannot imagine a better moment in a knitter’s life than the one when that huge shawl is finally bound off, the last seam is sewn and the… Read More

  • About Blocking

    Knitters often ask me about blocking knitted items: Do I steam, wash or dampen? Which method is best? And what tools do I actually need? Well, blocking is a big topic! I am no expert for every method,… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-on Event No. 1

    Here is the video (Vimeo-Link) for the first virtual Cast-on-Event of Strickmich! Club 2017. Enjoy!

  • Corners, Edges, Stripes

    My new favorite shawl: great colors, fun stripes, interesting construction, generous measurements – and the yarn is so soft and feels so good that I think I will never take this off! “Corners, Edges, Stripes” is the striped… Read More

  • Planner Peace

    In 2008 I stopped using a paper calendar/planner. I had my appointments on my computer, also a non-organized notebook, to-do-lists and post-its flying around. Plus the nagging feeling that chaos was taking over. That was kind of okay… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-On-Video No. 4

    Here’s our 4th virtual Cast-On-Event for Strickmich! Club 2016. Enjoy! (Vimeo-Link)

  • Smooth Sailor

    This is probably the one single thing that I have designed that makes me most proud – because Smooth Sailor is whatever you would like it to be: Put your arms through the holes and wear it as a… Read More

  • Snowflake Party

    This was the first pattern of Strickmich! Club 2016. Tiny snowflakes are my favorite things in nature: They are fascinating geometric little creatures, delicate and short- lived. When I take a walk in winter and the wind blows… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2017: Miss Babs

    Surprise! Our fourth dyer is a true superstar in the world of handdyed yarns: Babs Ausherman aka Miss Babs from Mountain City, Tennessee. Do I really have to say it? To me, it’s a dream come true having… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2017: Bilum

    … and here she is, our third dyer for Strickmich! Club 2017: Zsofi Csongor and her insanely beautiful handdyed gradient Bilum yarns. They are truly special, as producing yarns with long color changes by hand is a very… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2017: Das Mondschaf

    Our beloved Mondschaf (“Moon-Sheep”) is back and will dye for Strickmich! Club 2017! I am really excited about this, as Sabrina Gleiß has already proved in Strickmich! Club 2015 that she is able to produce the most intensive,… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2017: Nature’s Luxury

                                        Danica Mäder Jully has an unmatched instinct to find luxury and beauty – that’s what you will notice when you… Read More

  • Heaven of Fiber Tools

    Our summer vacation last year was a dream come true: I admired the colorful ponds in Yellowstone National Park, we saw bisons and moose and exquisite stone formations in Arches National Park. For me, however, visiting the legendary… Read More

  • Cast-On Event III 2016

    Here’s the third virtual cast-on event of 2016 (Vimeo-Link)

  • Lesung beim Wollfest Hamburg

    Am Samstag Nachmittag hatte ich das große Vergnügen, beim Wollfest Hamburg eine Kleine Lesung zu halten – hier ist der Text nochmal zum Nachlesen. Viel Spaß dabei! Martina •••••••••• Stricken in schwierigen Zeiten – oder auch: Draußen geht die Welt… Read More

  • Hitchhiker Beyond

    Hey, is that a Hitchhiker? No wait, something is different… There are teeth all around your neck! And many more than 42! And it’s symmetric! How did you do that? Simple: This is not a Hitchhiker, but a… Read More

  • Miss Babs in Strickmich! Shop

    Good news: We are now able to offer a small but beautiful selection of Miss Babs handdyed Yarn in Strickmich! Shop – so you can order the yarns I used for my patterns Brickless and Miss Winkle from within… Read More

  • Knitters’ DNA

    Knitters are special people. We love to transform what sheep and creative handdyers offer us into warm, useful and fun items. We gush over beautifully dyed skeins, we stroke them and hold them next to our skin, we… Read More

  • Shrug & More: Useful Hints

    Here are a few useful hints for knitting Shrug & More: About the crossed stitches, short rows and more! Shrug & More (Vimeo Link) from Martina Behm on Vimeo.

  • Strickmich! Club Cast-On Video 16-2

    2nd virtual Cast-on Event 2016 (Vimeo-Link)

  • How to wear Shrug & More

    Here’s a little video that about Shrug & More: How to wear Shrug & More on Vimeo

  • It’s happening!

    Things are hap-pening around here: First of all – all Strickmich! Club parcels of the second shipment 2016 have left the building this Tuesday. They are on their way to our excited members, and I am really looking… Read More

  • Goodies

    Dear Knitters, I have been incredibly busy during the past weeks: I taught two classes at Edinburgh Yarn Festival (so great! You should definitely go next year if you have the chance), knit the next pattern for Strickmich!… Read More

  • March 12th: Open Studio and a Special Guest

    I am so looking forward to this: On the day of our next Open Studio knitting event on March 12th, hand dyer Heike Rehfeldt will join us and offer a selection of her gorgeous Wollkenschaf yarns here in… Read More

  • Class: The little knitting things

    I will teach a little knitting Class at our event on March 12th here at my house. It’s in German, but if you are interested, please drop me a line at mail at strickmich dot de.

  • I am now MartinaBehm on Ravelry

    When I chose my Ravelry Name a couple of years ago, “Martina” was already taken, and as I wanted something short an number-free, I just exchanged the “r” for an “l” and became “Maltina”. I was only mildly… Read More

  • Video: Cast On with me!

    Cast-on-Event Video No. 1 – 2016 (Vimeo-Link)

  • Blunk the Hat as a Kit

    In my online Shop I am now offering kits for “Blunk the Hat” with the beautiful gradient yarns by Schoppel. Unfortunately we are currently not able to ship outside Germany – but we are working on it! In… Read More

  • The Comment Section

    I am such a lucky knitwear designer: I have been able to find two lovely experienced knitters who help me answer all your questions about knitting, Strickmich! and Strickmich! Club. However, for organizational reasons, we are not able… Read More

  • Class: Toe-up Socks

    Ich bin zwar nicht wirklich eine Sockendesignerin, aber ich stricke gerne welche – und weil mich bei meinen Events schon öfter Strickerinnen angesprochen haben, ob ich nicht einen Toe-up-Sockenkurs anbieten kann, findet am 23. Januar mein allererster Kurs zum… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2016: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise

      Yes! She will be joining us at Strickmich! Club again: Claudia Hoell-Wellmann with her fabulous Rohrspatz & Wollmeise yarns. Although it’s the third year in a row that Claudia will provide us with some hand dyed beauty,… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2016: Manos del Uruguay

    Knitting does not only make the world more beautiful, but also a better place: At Manos del Uruguay, local women have been spinning and dyeing the most beautiful yarns for forty years. The project was initiated to give… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2016: Zauberwiese

                                    Transparent or bold, freckled or semisolid – Alexandra Abu-Toboul enjoys living her creative side when dyeing her “Zauberwiese” yarns. “I love to… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club 2016: Walk Collection

                                        Cathrin Walk‘s yarns are beautiful, but rare and sort of an insider’s secret in the knitting world, because up to… Read More

  • Thousand Tulips

    The wait is over! The first pattern from Strickmich! Club 2015 is now available to everyone. It is the first shawl that uses this unusual, special construction that I developed – check out Braidsmaid, Match & Move and… Read More

  • Classes at Rohrspatz & Wollmeise

    I am teaching a couple of classes at the Fall Sale at Rohrspatz & Wollmeise this fall. Check them out!

  • Summer Newsletter

    Due to some server problem I am not able to send the latest version of my newsletter to all my subscribers. If you would like to read it in your browser, please click here. Enjoy your summer!

  • Fractal Danger

    I am sure all of you know the wonderful Knitmore Girls and their podcast, right? I love how enthusiastic they are about all things fiber, and I love listening to them chatting away. When Jasmin (the daughter) asked… Read More

  • Match & Move

    I just love the “We’re Different”-Grab Bags from Rohrspatz & Wollmeise: Depending on which kind you choose, you will get a combination of a multicolor and a matching semisolid, hand-picked by the dyemaster herself, who has an unmatched… Read More

  • Braidsmaid

    There is something fascinating about reversible knitted cables – and they are just perfect to give a simple, but unusually constructed garter stitch shawlette a little twist. For this project, you should indulge and use the shiniest, softest… Read More

  • Jasminde

    A pretty triangular shawl with a simple, geometric lace pattern and a stunning effect – that’s “Jasminde”, the third pattern from Strickmich! Club-year 2014. The pattern features actually only two different patterning rows, so it is also suitable… Read More

  • Come in, we’re open!

    Peter and I are proud to announce that Strickmich! Shop is now online! We are offering a small selection of printed patterns in German language and also PDF-Downloads and my printed Strickmich! Booklets. Payment is by bank transfer… Read More

  • Events, Events!

    I am so happy! Our very first Cast-On-Event for Strickmich! Club was wonderful. Lots of great people, among them Claudia from Rohrspatz & Wollmeise herself. She had dyed the stunning club color, and she talked about it a… Read More

  • Strickmich! 4

    For all those German native speakers who are not as comfortable using PDFs to knit from as most people in the English-speaking world, I have assembled a little book in German language, containing the patterns Matchmaker, Tubularity, Easy,… Read More

  • Come knit with me!

    Two cozy sofas, a nice warm place by the fire, space for all my wool, tools and books – now it’s only you knitters missing to make this knitter’s paradise complete! Please come over on February 21st (ca. 2-6… Read More

  • Langfield

    Make a hat that will fit anyone from baby to adult! No matter what kind of yarn you use, what size your head is or what gauge you are knitting at: This hat is adjusted as you go,… Read More

  • In da Club IV: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise

    We at Strickmich! Club liked having Claudia Hoell-Wellmann’s Rohrspatz & Wollmeise yarns so much in 2014, we just could not resist and invited her to join in 2015 as well! Her yarns are unmatched in the hand-dyeing world:… Read More

  • In da Club III: Handu

    In Strickmich! Club 2015, we will broaden our horizons, and I am very thrilled to present the third yarn source: Ilona Korhonen from Finland and her exciting Handu yarns! Ilona (nicknamed “Ilu”) is a professional musician who has… Read More

  • In da Club II: Rosy Green Wool

    … and today it is my pleasure to introduce the second supplier of yarn for Strickmich! Club 2015: Rosmary Stegmann and her heavenly soft “Rosy Green Wool“. Rosy grew up surrounded by yarn: Her parents owned a small… Read More

  • In da Club I: Das Mondschaf

    Strickmich! Club 2015 will have four very special yarns by four very special dyers, and the first that we would like to introduce is Sabrina Gleiß and her “Mondschaf“-yarns (“Mondschaf” is German and means “Moon Sheep”). Her yarns… Read More

  • Now I want a wheel

    It was obvious that this day would arrive: I want to start spinning my own yarn! I have been eyeing handspun yarns for a while because I link them so much: The long color changes, the heathered look,… Read More

  • A Yarn Festival in Hamburg

    Soooo many great knitters, so much colorful yarn, so many inspiring classes, so much fun! Wollfest Hamburg was absolutely wonderful. Peter and I have presented Strickmich! Club and my patterns at the tiniest booth in the whole marketplace… Read More

  • Knitting is Love

    Those of you who have subscribed to my Newsletter already know: The first pattern from Strickmich! Club 2014 is available here in my Ravelry Store for 3.90 Euros. The yarn is the beautifully soft Merino/Silk Fingering by the… Read More

  • Getting used to…

    Look what my mail lady has brought me: A very cute package to sweeten our arrival in our new home! Everything prettily wrapped and a joy to look at – a real treat! A knitter from Leipzig (who is… Read More

  • Mostly Warmness von Martina Behm

    Knitting Class in Hamburg

    On August 23rd I will hold a little knitting technique class at Mylys, Hamburg, Germany. See you there!

  • Perfect Twins

    These beautifully colored toe-up socks for my daughter (pattern is “Spice Man” by Yarnissima) have sweetened my evenings during the past couple of days. They are so easy to knit, and the pretty stripes in girly colors are… Read More

  • New Horizons

    No, this is not another picture from Squam – this is how it looks like in the area where we will move in two weeks! After 10 years in the big city (Hamburg) we found ourselves ready to move… Read More

  • Rainbow Swatches

    My latest Design “Endless Rainbow” is a great option to let your creativity flow and choose a very unique color combination that nobody else has thought of! Knitters on Ravelry are being wonderfully creative in that respect (see… Read More

  • Squam 2014

    I am back from Squam Art Workshops Spring Retreat – and it was just as beautiful as all those pictures that you can see on Ravelry and all the blogs. More than 100 knitters meet at Rockywold-Deephaven Camps,… Read More

  • Liebe Leserinnen der Tina…

    …herzlich willkommen auf meiner Webseite! Wenn Sie das Tuch suchen, das in der Tina Nr. 21 abgebildet war, sind Sie hier richtig. Es handelt sich um meine Anleitung “Tubularity” für einen Schlauchschal, der auch als Stola taugt. Sie… Read More

  • Endless Rainbow

    I just love looking at rainbow colors – they look so joyful, especially on a bright background. In knitting, I especially love them in a striped pattern. But what kept me from knitting beautiful stripes were the lots of… Read More

  • Matchmaker-Video

    Matchmaker is one of my more recent designs which I am particularly proud of: It’s a small garter stitch shawlette and a big roomy cowl at the same time! You just knit back and forth, no joining in… Read More

  • Podcasts

    A couple of days ago, a lovely German podcaster did an interview with me – you can listen to it here (in German!). For those of you who would rather hear me talking in English, there are two more… Read More

  • Newsletter

    Have you heard? From now on I will be offering a free Strickmich! Newsletter with news about pattern releases, stories and tips from a passionate knitter (me!) and everything about our plans for Strickmich! Club 2015. The newsletter… Read More

  • Sleeves: Shawlette turns Shrug

    When I visited the lovely knitters at Maschegrübbsche Frankfurt a couple of weeks ago and did a little trunk show, a lot of them fell in love with my design this little Video (Vimeo-Link) I demonstrate how to… Read More

  • How to wear Viajante

    Every time I show and explain my design Viajante to knitters at live events, it is sort of a revelation: Ahhh, that’s the way it works! So I thought you might enjoy a little video where I show… Read More

  • Tubularity-Video

    How do I wear Tubularity? In this little video I demonstrate some possibilities: How to wear Tubularity on Vimeo.

  • Tubularity

    I like my knitting mindless and simple, preferably without any purl stitches. But I also want the excitement of vibrant colors – and a useful, versatile result! If you are like me, you will love “Tubularity”: It is a… Read More

  • Rainbow Sock

    I really had planned to knit rainbow-colored socks during the Olympic Games in Sochi, but somehow I did not get around to it. I loved the idea to set a sign for equality in this world, had the… Read More

  • Easy Martina Behm


    Little shawlettes in garter stitch are just great: They look pretty in a colorful yarn a joy to wear – and the knitting is just a breeze. They are perfect for beginning knitters because they offer great results… Read More

  • Happy Birthday, Mom!

    Tomorrow is my Mom’s birthday, and this is my gift for her: A pair of very warm socks made of Wollmeise Twin (colorway “Suzanne”). I knit half of the second sock during my flight to New York, the… Read More

  • Matchmaker

    Here is my new design: Matchmaker! A generous cowl that can also be worn as a small triangular shawlette. The shape is new and special and it’s supereasy to knit. Only knit stitches, an increase here and there… Read More

  • Pimp your Bag

    It’s been about a year that I own this little black bag (“Side Effect” by Tom Bihn), but I have started using it only recently. It’s not exactly stylish, but such a pleasure to use: several pockets inside,… Read More

  • New Pattern Booklet in German

    Here is my new pattern booklet for those knitters here in Germany who do not have access to the internet or prefer to knit from a book rather from a screen:

  • Suzanne, the Sock

    When I visited Wollmeise a couple of weeks ago, I needed a little carry-on-project that I could knit while waiting for the plane, during the flight (luckily no one confiscated my knitting needles during security check!) and while… Read More

  • Stricken macht noch schöner

    Mein Buch “Stricken macht schön” hat eine kleine Beauty-OP hinter sich: Vor ein paar Wochen fragte mich mein Verlag BoD, ob sie mein Buch als Teil der Reihe “Edition BoD” neu auflegen dürfen. Herausgeber der Reihe ist Vito… Read More

  • Strickmich! Club Countdown

    Signups for Strickmich! Club are closed for 2014! Thanks a lot to everyone who participates.

  • In da Club IV: Heike Rehfeldt / Wollkenschaf

      And here, finally, is our fourth dyer for Strickmich! Club: Lovely Heike Rehfeldt and her Wollkenschaf-yarns! (“Wollkenschaf” is a word play in German, meaning something like “the cloudy, woolly sheep”.) When a friend of mine showed me… Read More

  • In da Club III: Claudia Hoell-Wellmann aka Wollmeise

            Claudia Hoell-Wellmann and her “Rohrspatz & Wollmeise“-yarns hardly need an introduction, because her beautiful color-creations are well known and appreciated by knitters around the globe. Since I came across my first skeins of Wollmeise… Read More

  • In da Club II: Nicole and Cordula / DyeForYarn

    Silky, shiny with intense, saturated colors – yarns like that are true gems and hard to find: silk fibers do not take the pigments handdyers use very well. But Nicole Eitzinger (left on the picture) and Cordula Surmann-Schmitt… Read More

  • A little reading

    I will be doing a little reading in a small town near Hamburg on 27th Nov:

  • There will be … a Club!

    Very big news: In 2014 there will be a Strickmich!-Club! I will design four patterns for the club, and they will be delivered each with a special hand-picked, exclusively hand-dyed yarn from the most talented hand-dyers in Germany…. Read More

  • Designing – III

    My Design Process – Part III Knit (this time for real). I know that many designers let others knit their samples to save time – but that’s one thing I would never do! I just love knitting my own designs…. Read More

  • Designing – II

    My Design Process – Part II Swatch (if required). Yes, sure, you have heard it before: Swatching is a necessary prerequisite for knitting and designing. That said, I have to admit that for my shawlette designs, I rarely… Read More

  • Designing – I

    So what does the design process look like? I am sure that every knitwear designer has a different answer to this one. So here is what works for me: The Idea. There are different sources of inspiration. Sometimes… Read More

  • Martina meets Meise

    Von der Wollmeise-Seite: “Lesung von Martina Behm bei Rohrspatz und Wollmeise Am 09.November 2013 ab 14 Uhr findet in unserem Ladengeschäft in Pfaffenhofen eine ganz besondere Veranstaltung statt. Wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir die Strickdesignerin Martina Behm,… Read More

  • Aeolian Shawl

    Hier ist mein Sommerferienprojekt: Der Aeolian Shawl von Elizabeth Freeman (Anleitung kostenlos bei Knitty.com, auf Englisch). Ich brauchte etwas, das ich einfach nur nachstricken konnte, das aber genug technische Finessen und Details beinhaltet, um abends in der Ferienwohnung… Read More

  • Summer Special!

    Nur noch bis 4. August: 20% sparen beim Kauf von 3 oder mehr meiner Anleitungen!

  • Lesung

    Am ersten Juni ist Premiere: Meine allererste Autorenlesung bei den “Wollträumen” in Aschaffenburg. Bin schon sehr aufgeregt! •••••••••••••••••• On the first of June, I will do a little reading at a small wool festival in Aschaffenburg, Germany. So… Read More

  • Baggin’

    Ich mag Taschen. Nicht die modischen, überkandidelten mit reichlich Pling-Pling und Designerlabel, die locker ein bis zwei Durchschnittgsgehälter kosten, sondern die funktionalen. Mit vielen kleinen Fächern und Reißverschlusstäschchen, in denen alles seinen Platz hat und sofort zur Hand… Read More

  • Yarnbomb

    Letzte Woche war heftig: Mittelschwere Schulkatastrophe (Kind I), 40 Fieber (Kind II), Kindergeburtstag vorbereiten (dafür musste ich knapp 100 Muffins backen), Kindergeburtstagsfeier erst wegen Regenwetters umdisponieren und dann mit 12 Kindern bei uns im Haus durchführen, Mann auf… Read More

  • Saviano

    Es gibt schon ein paar Zeichnungen, ein paar Entwürfe und Ideen, aber noch nichts Konkretes. Das Garn für die Maschenprobe und den Prototyp ist noch nicht ausgewählt, manche Konstruktionsdetails noch nicht ausgereift. Ich muss noch mehr nachdenken, bevor… Read More

  • Studio

    Ich habe geräumt, entrümpelt, geflucht, sortiert, kistenweise Bücher auf den Dachboden meiner Mutter gehievt, entstaubt, geschraubt, gestapelt. Dann kamen ein paar ganz tolle Handwerker und haben gestrichen, montiert und festgezurrt. Und nun, endlich, ist mein neuer Arbeitsplatz fertig:… Read More

  • Beautiful

    Als ich aus New York zurück kam, wartete ein hübsches Päckchen für mich beim Hamburger Zoll. Zum Glück fahren meine Kinder gerne mit der neuen U4 in die Hafencity, wo das neue Hauptzollamt steht, und sie haben auch… Read More

  • Live!

    Drei Tage umgeben von tollen, intelligenten, kreativen und supernetten Strickerinnen, drei Tage großartige Kurse, bei denen man richtig was lernen konnte, drei Tage Woll-Marktplatz, der größer war und mehr Strickgarn beinhaltete, als alles, was ich bisher gesehen habe:… Read More

  • New York, New York

    In gut einer Woche werde ich mich auf den Weg machen nach New York, um dort an der Strickerinnenkonferenz “VogueKnittingLive” teilzunehmen: Es gibt jede Menge Kurse und Workshops, einen Marktplatz mit Wolle und Zubehör und eine Strickmodenschau mit… Read More

  • Green Wool

    Wer mich kennt, weiß, dass ich eine kleine Ökotante bin. Früher sogar mit hennaroten Haaren und Birkenstocklatschen in der Schule. Für meine grauen Umweltpapier-Schulhefte fuhr ich extra mit dem Bus in den Nachbarort, um sie mir dort im… Read More

  • Greensock

    Die Weihnachtssocken für meinen Sohn waren nicht am 24., aber immerhin am Morgen des 25. Dezember fertig: Sie sind ihm noch einen kleinen Tick zu groß, aber er trägt sie supergerne und fischt sie immer als erstes aus… Read More

  • X-Mas-Break

    Liebe Strickerinnen, ich danke Euch für das großartige Jahr, das ich als Strickdesignerin mit Euch erleben durfte! Ich hoffe, Ihr hattet genau so viel Spaß wie ich. Heute beginnen bei uns die Schulferien, und ich verabschiede mich in… Read More

  • Buch und Bücher

    Seit gut einem Jahr gibt es meine Anleitungen Hitchhiker, Lintilla, Magrathea, Trillian und Nuvem in Form eines Anleitungsbüchleins im Handel (Strickmich! von Martina Behm). Und jetzt möchte ich auch meine Anleitungen Leftie, Hitchhat, Mostly Warmness, Ecken und Kanten… Read More

  • Dark & Stormy

    Nachdem ich wirklich seeehr lange überlegt und geguckt habe, was ich Schönes aus meinen ersten und einzigen Strängen Wollmeise DK (Farbe: Pistazie) stricken könnte, bin ich bei “Dark & Stormy” von Thea Colman gelandet. Ich wollte eine Strickjacke… Read More

  • Garter Stitch Grafting

    Wo ich gerade dabei bin, ist hier noch ein Anleitungsvideo (Vimeo-Link) übers Zusammenfügen im Maschenstich kraus-rechts. While I am at it, here’s a little instructional video (Vimeo-Link) on garter-stitch-grafting.

  • Top Secret / Pink

    Vorgestern hab ich einen Design-Auftrag fertig gemacht. Meinen ersten – für den “Knitting Tour-Club” von der amerikanischen Handfärberin MissBabs. Das war ganz neu für mich und sehr aufregend, aber es ist natürlich alles streng geheim und ich werde… Read More

  • Summer of Socks

    Morgen sind dann auch für uns die Ferien endgültig vorbei, und der Alltag mit Schule, Kita und Arbeit geht wieder los. Mein Sommerprojekt waren Socken für meine Kinder, und ich habe mal wieder nicht halb so viel geschafft… Read More

  • Pause?

    Neinnein, ich mach keine Strick-Pause, auch wenn es vielleicht so aussieht. Ich habe die Kindersocken für meinen Sohn fertig gemacht und jetzt arbeite ich an dem Prototyp für ein neues Tuch, das auch bald soweit sein sollte, dass… Read More

  • Bonbon

    Und hier ist mein fertiges Schätzchen: Es ist ziemlich groß geworden (180 cm lang, 42 cm tief) und ich habe 215 Gramm Wollmeise 100% dafür verstrickt. Weil es gestern so schön frisch hier in Hamburg war, konnte ich… Read More

  • Colors

    Und jetzt stricke ich ein “Ecken+Kanten”-Tuch nur für mich, und zwar mit Streifen: Ich bin ganz begeistert, dass es funktioniert! Ich stricke mal wieder mit Wollmeise 100%, aber diesmal entgegen meiner Gewohnheit nicht mit 3-mm- sondern mit 2,5-mm-Nadeln,… Read More

  • Finale

    Eine ganze Strickjacke in Nadelstärke 3, mit drei Strängen Sockenwolle (Wollmeise Twin, Farbe Graf Ratz), hin- und her gestrickt, also mit linken Maschen. Die zu vernähenden Fäden waren nicht so viele, aber ich habe zwanzig (20! Zwan-Zig!) Knöpfe… Read More

  • Joanie, again!

    Mit ein bisschen Hilfe aus der Strick-Community (Danke, Bettina!) hab ich es jetzt endlich geschafft, eine deutsche Version meines Joanie-Pullovers aus der Winter-Knitty 2011 online zu stellen (Download startet sofort beim Draufklicken): Joanie Deutsch. Viel Spaß damit! Finally… Read More

  • Shrugs

    Jäckchen kann man immer brauchen, oder? Irgendwie scheinen es mir die Dinger angetan zu haben, sonst hätte ich nicht, quasi ohne es zu merken, gleich mehrere davon gestrickt. Zuerst war da Drifting von Cecily Glowik MacDonald aus Wollmeise… Read More

  • Hitchhands

    …und hier sind endlich die Handschuhe, die das Hitchhiker-Set komplett machen: Sie werden ähnlich wie der Hitchhat gestrickt: Provisorischer Anschlag, dann kraus-rechts hin- und her, am Ende per Maschenstich zusammenfügen und dann den Daumen in der Runde. Die… Read More

  • Exkursion

    Als ich bei Ravelry das hier gesehen habe, musste ich einfach auch eins haben. Dass diese süßen iPhone-Hüllen nicht gestrickt, sondern gehäkelt werden – nun ja. Ich bin ja bisher nicht die größte Häklerin vor dem Herrn. Aber das… Read More

  • Hitchhat

    Irgendwie brauchte ich dann doch eine Mütze, die zum Hitchhiker passt. Und sich schnell stricken lässt und in Wollmeise gut aussieht. Und hier ist sie: Ab sofort in vier Größen (Baby bis Dickschädel) in meinem Ravelry-Shop oder über… Read More

  • Video: Verkürzte Reihen • Short Rows

    Hier ist mein Video über verkürzte Reihen auf Deutsch (externer Link zu Vimeo). Here’s my video about short rows (external link to Vimeo).

  • Lintilla

    Es war viel zu tun. Aber letzte Woche kam mir plötzlich die Erleuchtung, wie ein gerüschter Hitchhiker aussehen könnte – ich hatte schon viele Rüschen ausprobiert, aber die meisten gefielen mir nicht so gut. Und dann, als ich… Read More

  • Martha

    Ich habe eine neue Mitbewohnerin. Sie heißt Martha, ist kahl, ziemlich flach, mit ausgeprägten Konturen und mindestens so starken Hüften wie ich: Martha ist entstanden, weil ich so schlecht zeichnen kann. Wenn ich mir einen Pulli ausdenken und… Read More

  • Magrathea

    Die Anleitung für mein neues Tuch ist fertig! Es heißt “Magrathea”, und das hat natürlich auch wieder mit dem Buch “Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis” zu tun: Magrathea ist der Planet, dessen Bewohner maßgefertigte Luxusplaneten auf Bestellung fertigen…. Read More

  • Knotzo!

    Hier isser also, der Knotzo. Der unwiderstehliche Socken. Ich musste ihn einfach machen, weil ich diese Idee mit den geknoteten Maschen hatte, und dann war auch schon der erste fertig. Jetzt endlich hab ich die Anleitung, den zweiten… Read More

  • Joanie Schematic

    Bei meiner Joanie-Anleitung fehlt leider die Schemazeichnung, die reiche ich hiermit nach. Meine Computer-Zeichenfähigkeiten sind zwar besser geworden, seit ich die Anleitung geschrieben habe, aber Profi bin ich leider immer noch nicht. Draufklicken, dann wird’s noch größer! Sorry… Read More

  • Trillian

    Wir waren mal wieder ein paar Tage unterwegs. Diesmal allerdings nicht an der Ostsee (ist bei Schnee vielleicht nicht so gemütlich), sondern in einem Centerparks Park (das heißt wirklich so!) in Bispingen bei Hamburg. Anfahrt: Rekordverdächtige 52 Minuten…. Read More

  • Hitchhiker

    Oh, war das schön. Ich hatte seit viereinhalb Jahren zum ersten Mal wieder ein Wochenende nur für mich, und ich war an der Ostsee (habe der Versuchung widerstanden, nach Pfaffenhofen zum Wollmeise-Laden zu fahren): Ich liebe den Ostseestrand,… Read More

  • Noch mehr kraus rechts

    Ich liebe kraus rechts. Das entspannt, sieht in buntgefärbter Wolle lustig aus und ist schön warm am Hals. Und hierfür braucht man auch nur ein einziges Knäuel Wollmeise: Das Muster gibt es über meinen Ravelry-Shop hier (für 3… Read More

  • 22.5 Degrees

    Ich hab was designt: Eine Mischung aus Schal und Tuch, besonders hübsch in Wollmeise-Sockengarn: Farbe: Maria’s Deepest Purple (1 Strang), Nadeln Nr. 3,  die Anleitung (Englisch) gibt es hier und koscht nix.