Frequently Asked Questions

I received my pattern in German, but I need it in English. Can you please e-mail the English version to me?
When you buy my patterns via Ravelry or my website, you will receive an automated e-mail containing the download link for the PDF. When you click it, a little window opens up and all language version of that pattern appear for you to choose from. The English versions always end ENGLISH.pdf. Also, all language versions are automatically added to your Ravelry library (if you are a Ravelry member). In short: You already have it!

I ordered my pattern X days ago and still have not received it. What went wrong?
You may have chosen the payment method “e-check” which usually takes a couple of days to process. Once the money has reached me, your e-mail with the download link will be on its way. Also, you may wish to check your spam folder for an e-mail sent by “downloads (at)”.

I have asked you a question on facebook/Instagram/Twitter and you ignored me!
Technical support for my patterns is exclusively via Email. Please contact us at mail (at), and we will do our best to answer your question as soon as possible.
Please not that we will be quicker to answer if you mention the pattern you are asking about. Also, it never hurts to say hello, be friendly, and state your name. Thanks for understanding!

Where can I buy the yarn you have used?
We sell handdyed yarns by Miss Babs and Manos del Uruguay online in Strickmich! Shop, also organic yarns by Rosy Green Wool and pretty gradient yarns by Schoppel.

I would like to make your pattern x in yarn y. Will that turn out fine?
You can use virtually any yarn for my shawlette patterns because gauge is not very important for these patterns. However, if you want to make socks, hats, dresses or sweaters, correct gauge is crucial and you should make sure you are using a yarn that allows you to get gauge. If you want the shawlettes to look like the ones in my pictures, you should use fingering weight yarn (or lace weight for Nuvem). Unfortunately, I only know the yarns I knit with, so I cannot give any recommendations for substitutes. But please check out the project galleries on Ravelry, where you can find plenty of examples of my patterns knit with other yarns than the ones I used.

My Hitchhiker/Lintilla/Trillian/Magrathea/Brickless is asymmetric! What can I do about that?
Well, that’s due to the special construction of these shawlettes. I like them that way and think it makes them interesting. So I have to apologize for being neither willing nor able to give you tips on how to make them more symmetric.

My Hitchhiker/Lintilla/Trillian/Magrathea/Brickless is long and skinny! What can I do about that?
These shawlettes are designed to be long and skinny because I like them that way. If you prefer more traditionally shaped shawls, you can find plenty of wonderful patterns for those on Ravelry.

I would like to knit Viajante, but I am a size XXL. How can I adjust the pattern to fit me?
Viajante is a “one-size-fits-all”-garment, in the truest sense of that expression. You do not need to make any adjustments, no matter what size you wear. The trick is that you will pull up the narrow part up to your neck until the wider part of the triangle has reached your shoulders. That way, your neck will be cozy and warm – and it looks good, too! The circumference of the lower opening of Viajante is 3 meters, and I cannot imagine any human being that would not fit into that. I strongly advise against changing the rate of increases or decreases in the stockinette part because that would distort the pretty triangular form when you wear it as a shawl. If you wish Viajante to be wider around the neck, make the garter stitch triangle in the beginning bigger. It will not fit as snugly around your head anymore, but you will have less fabric around your neck without distorting the triangle. Also, if you want your Viajante to be smaller, just start the mesh lace part earlier.
Here’s a little video where I show how to wear Viajante (Vimeo-Link).

We are a group of knitters who would like to knit your shawlettes and sell them for charity.
Go ahead, please! I am always pleased to hear that knitters use their talents for charity. The only thing I ask is that you do not pass along my non-free patterns within the group. But you are welcome to e-mail me about a group discount if you wish.

I am knitting Magrathea, and after line X, I always have Y stitches too few/too many. Is there a mistake in the chart?
Well, I have counted the stitches in those charts about a million times, and many knitters have successfully completed their Magratheas using these charts. So I am fairly confident in saying that the charts are correct. If you end up with too few or too many stitches at some point, you probably have missed a yo or k2tog along the way. Unfortunately, you will have to figure out yourself where that has occurred, but maybe this stitch count (scroll down for English) may be of help.

I have a little yarn store and would like to carry your patterns.
Great! I am happy to hear that.
We are offering a selected range of printed patterns in English for retailers in Strickmich! Shop. We are currently working on adding more and more of Martina’s patterns for you to offer in your yarn store or take to markets and festivals. Please register as a re-seller before you place your order. Please note that downloadable patterns are not available for re-sellers.
Alternatively, check out Ravelry’s In-Store-Sales Scheme that allows you to print or e-mail my patterns to your customers. Invoices and the like are handled by Ravelry, payment is via Paypal, so that’s the most convenient solution for both of us. Please send an E-mail to instoresales (at) to participate.

I am an independent dyer / a yarn company and would like to send you some yarn to design with.
Excellent! More yarn is a very nice thing to have, please go ahead. I love to see new yarns and be inspired by them. However, as I am pretty busy already designing for my club and various assignments, I cannot promise you that I will work with your yarn. But you are greatly increasing your chances that I will use your yarn for one of my designs by sending me some, because I can only use what I have! If you decide to send me something, please use my shipping address (Martina Behm, Dorfstr. 2g, 23824 Damsdorf, Germany) and – most importantly! – attach an invoice or customs declaration outside the package so our lovely customs officers can calculate the value of the shipment and how much customs I have to pay without opening the package. If there’s no such paper attached, they will keep the package for me to pick it up and open it in front of them in the beautiful town of Lübeck, which is a one hour drive from here, and I am afraid I will not have the time to pick your lovely yarn up from there. So just make sure you attach the papers, and all is good! Looking forward to seeing your creations!

If your question is not in this list, please contact me via e-mail (mail (at) strickmich (dot) de). Please make sure you mention which pattern your question is about. Thank you and happy knitting!