Strickplaner 2021 – Specs

Strickplaner 2021 – Specs
Strickplaner – your knitting planner is a clever tool that helps you organize your daily tasks so you can find more time for your beloved hobby! It has all the tools you need to plan for your job, family life and friends and – of course! – your knitting.

  • NEW: Threadbound for extra durability – lies flat when opened
  • 12×18 cm ( 4.8 x 7.2 inches – a little smaller than A5).
  • 90 g per m2 high quality writing paper (FSC certified)
  • durable vinyl-coated cover
  • 2 ribbon bookmarks (one berry, one light gray)
  • elastic (berry)
  • 240 pages, including
    – 34 pages for knitting tools (Knitting Ideas, Knitting Projects, Yarn Purchases, Wish List, Trade List, Websites)
    – 58 for individual notes (5 mm squared and dot-grid)
  • Measurements and conversions (metric/imperial)
  • Ruler and needle size table (US/metric) in the endpapers
  • Monthly overview for 2021 and 2022 (3 months per page)
  • Calendar 2021: One week on 2 pages, including to-do list, goals, knitting inspiration and outlook to upcoming weeks
  • Public Holidays of the USA, Canada and the UK
  • Starting last week 2020, ending last week of 2021
  • Yearly and life goals
  • Quarterly planning tools and daily tracking tools
  • 4 weekly planner pages for recurring events (or school)
  • Weekly time management system by
  • Minimalistic functional layout – perfect for your own decorating ideas.

The pattern for a knitted planner bag is included.

Endpapers created by Julie Levesque (Symposi Press)

We would like to thank our lovely sponsors who have made Strickplaner 2021 possible! They have provided us with a part of the weekly inspirations in form of advertisement and created the full-color pages at the end of the book.

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