Please find all my videos on my Vimeo page.

Here is how I carry up yarn in the unused color when working a striped pattern (for Strickmich! Club Pattern 2-2017):
Carry up yarn (Vimeo-Link)

Here are a few useful hints for knitting Shrug & More: About the crossed stitches, short rows and more!
Shrug & More Instructions (Vimeo-Link)

How to wear Shrug & More (Vimeo-Link)

Garter Stitch Grafting (Vimeo-Link)

Increases for Viajante and Sleeves (Vimeo-Link)

A crocheted cast-on (Vimeo-Link)

First Rounds knitting Nuvem or Lapislazuli (Vimeo-Link)

Wrap your yarn around your needle (Vimeo-Link)

Short Rows with Wraps (Youtube-Link)

Cross Two (Vimeo-Link)

How to wear and adapt Viajante (Vimeo-Link)

How to wear Tubularity (Vimeo-Link)

How to wear Matchmaker (Vimeo-Link)

How to wear Sleeves (Vimeo-Link)