Quadra Cowl

Fascinating! Quadra Cowl will change its appearance depending on which side you wear on the outside. It’s a double-layered construction that looks especially cool in a self-striping yarn or with mini-skeins. Quadra Cowl is worked in the round without any purl stitches and comes off the needles completely finished. No seaming!

Looking for the instructional videos? Please find the link in your pattern pdf, as well as the password you need to enter to view them. If your pdf does not contain the password, please download the latest version from Ravelry or your Strickmich! Shop account.

All important steps are explained in the accompanying videos that are linked in the pattern. The knitting pattern “Quadra Cowl” is available as a download on Ravelry and in Strickmich! Shop, where you can also find the yarns that were used in the samples (Edition 3 by Schoppel, colorway “Englischer Garten” and Zauberperlen by Schoppel, colorways “Arabesk” and “Samarkand”).