Strickmich! Club 2016: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise

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Yes! She will be joining us at Strickmich! Club again: Claudia Hoell-Wellmann with her fabulous Rohrspatz & Wollmeise yarns. Although it’s the third year in a row that Claudia will provide us with some hand dyed beauty, it’s a premiere nevertheless: For the very first time, Claudia will dye an exclusive multicolor for us! As a Designer, I am especially happy about this, because I love working with Wollmeise Multis. The good thing about them is that the dyer has already put so much of her unusual talent to combine colors into the yarn, so we as knitters can just relax and work a simple stitch pattern, enjoy an unusual construction and achieve great effects.

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For more than 10 years (and especially since this blog post), Claudia Hoell-Wellmann has been famous in the world of hand knitters for her intense colors and innovative color combinations. When choosing yarn bases, she’s as big a perfectionist as in the dyeing kitchen: Each base has been developed especially for her. “I love good stitch definition, a pretty shine – and it needs to hold up well in daily wear and must not pill”, Claudia says. Her yarn bases are exclusive to her online store and Shop in Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria. And her brilliant colors as well, of course!

Claudia is always creating new colors, feeling inspired by everything she sees: A tree she sees when visiting Sheri, owner of The Loopy Ewe in Colorado (“Aspentree”), a friend’s dog (“Willi”), or a visit to the theater (“Allegria”). Her latest creation? “I am still working on it! I got the idea when I came across a beautiful piece of fabric at Philadelphia Airport. I am still experimenting…” Claudia says. But don’t worry: The colorway for our Club is already decided and developed – and super-secret, of course!

Both parties are happy that our collaboration continues: “Strickmich! Club is created with so much love, and there are such exciting projects in it. I love that Martina really strives to find the perfect pattern for each color”, Claudia says. At Strickmich! Club, we feel honored and lucky that she feels this way and are looking forward to continue our journey!

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P. S.: On the picture above you can see a glimpse of my designs Hitchhiker, Trillian, Valente und zwei verschiedene Matchmaker.

P. P. S.: The patterns I designed for the Club in the past 2 years using Wollmeise yarns were Thousand Tulips and Jasminde.

5 Comments on “Strickmich! Club 2016: Rohrspatz & Wollmeise

  1. Die Auswahl für das Jahr 2016 ist die Beste, die ich mir denken kann. Ich freue mich schon darauf.

  2. Ich habs geschafft.. ich freu mich soooo
    letztes Jahr wollte ich schon so gern mitmachen, aber da war ich zu spät.
    Dieses Mal hat es endlich geklappt :o)