Something soft and sugary will surely sweeten up any season for you: “Toranja” is Portuguese for grapefruit, and that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this yarn. And I love pink grapefruits! I think they are not only the prettiest of fruits, but they also make a yummy drink if you mix them with (alcohol-free) beer or aloe vera juice (add vodka if you fancy). And they are a good source for vitamin C, which never hurts – especially during winter!

Toranja starts with a provisional cast-on, is knit on the bias and has those cute little stockinette squares that make the sweet colors pool just a little bit. Interesting to knit, but not really complicated – and it is guaranteed to make your friends wonder how on earth you did it! 120 grams of colorful yarn make a generously sized cowl. If you have more yarn, you can make a wider loop, or cast on more stitches to make it longer.

Find the pattern printed and downloadable in Strickmich! Shop. We also carry a limited number of kits with the exclusive club color. And, as always, the pattern is available on Ravelry.