Strickmich! Club 2016: Walk Collection


Cathrin Walk‘s yarns are beautiful, but rare and sort of an insider’s secret in the knitting world, because up to now she has been attending only one market or yarn festival per year to present her fine collection of hand-dyed yarns. But she is planning on doing more, because “there’s always such a good vibe, I love that!” Cathrin says. As a dyer, she is super-versatile: creative multicolors, soft semisolids, spectacularly glowing pinks and sophisticated grays are part of her repertoire, as well as a big range of fibers. “I love to use a variety of yarn bases”, she says. She dyes mohair and silk blends, supersoft merinos and bold Bluefaced Leicester yarns.

“When it comes to dyeing, I do not have a favorite technique. Most of the times I have an idea about what the yarn should look like in the end, which effect I would like to create and try to find a way to achieve that.” She takes very detailed notes of the processes, so she will be able to dye the same hue again if desired. Cathrin usually applies the dye such that there will be no pooling. “I want the knitted fabric to look harmonic and pretty, I think it is not that important that the skein itself is beautiful”, she says.

Cathrin trained as a fashion seamstress, but has always been knitting since childhood. In her online store, she started out selling sewn knitting accessories like needle rolls and project bags. When she found she could not find the yarns she desired in her local yarn shop, she began to spin and dye her own, and soon she offered her creations to knitters. Today she has a range of 81 spectacular colors from variegated brown to neon green, and knitters around the globe have come to appreciate her creativity.

Cathrin herself knits quite a bit, but usually does not use her own yarns. “I tend to buy yarn as a souvenir when I am on a vacation, and then I feel it deserves to be knit with instead of just sitting in my stash!” she says. She is a huge fan of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s sweater recipes, but she also finds joy in knitting smaller items like scarves. “I love that you can play with colors on a scarf. And I like to knit on something simple and relaxing after a long day of hard work in the dyeing studio” she says.

At Strickmich! Club, we are proud and very excited that Cathrin will develop a new gorgeous Walk Collection colorway just for us. Very much looking forward to our collaboration!

P. S.: Strickmich! Club 2016 consists of four new knitting designs by Martina Behm plus four skeins of especially chosen, exclusively dyed yarns, carefully selected by Martina for her designs that you will surely enjoy knitting with. Sign-ups start in November on a separate webpage, I will announce the exact date in my newsletter which you can subscribe to using the link in the footer of this page.

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