Thousand Tulips

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The wait is over! The first pattern from Strickmich! Club 2015 is now available to everyone. It is the first shawl that uses this unusual, special construction that I developed – check out Braidsmaid, Match & Move and Mrs Watson, which are all part of this beautiful family!

“Thousand Tulips” will bring feelings of spring and joy, no matter how unpleasant the current season may be:f Unusually constructed, simple graphic lace in a bold color and a heavenly soft cashmere blend yarn (“Blend” by Rohrspatz & Wollmeise, Colorway “Tulpe”). Watch stylized tulip blossoms evolve along the center spine as you knit. Fun, simple, and with a great result! 
The pattern is adaptable to the amount of yarn you have.

In this video I talk about the yarn and the pattern in more detail:

Cast-On-Event-Video-1 (Vimeo-Link).

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Please choose your needle size according to your knitting style:

Loose knitters: 3.5 mm – 3.75 mm
Tight knitters: 4 mm

Measurements of shawl in the pictures
Length 205 cm (82 in), Depth 43 cm (17 in)

Available here in my Ravelry Shop.

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