Fractal Danger

FractalDangerbyMartinaBehm 9
I am sure all of you know the wonderful Knitmore Girls and their podcast, right? I love how enthusiastic they are about all things fiber, and I love listening to them chatting away. When Jasmin (the daughter) asked me if I would like to design a Knitmore-themed shawlette, how could I refuse? Especially as the yarn they sent me (by Abstract Fiber) was so stunningly beautiful:

FractalDangerbyMartinaBehm 6

The colorway is called “Danger”, and the shawlette consists of self-repeating triangular shapes – the definition of a fractal. They are often found in nature, like in leaves, but they are also a nice little mathematical game.

FractalDangerbyMartinaBehm 2

The pattern is available on Ravelry for you to enjoy!

1 Comments on “Fractal Danger

  1. Hallo Martina, habe mir die Anleitung für das Tuch gestern schon gekauft.
    Einfach toll! Es macht immer wieder Spaß Tücher nach Deinen Anleitungen zu stricken.
    Darum bin ich auch im Strickmich-Club.
    Mach weiter sol!
    LG Inge