Happy Crowd – a colorful cowl

A happy crowd of people, in colorful clothes, maybe gathering on a lawn, drinks in their hands, maybe listening to a band playing, chatting along – that’s the picture I had in my mind when I first saw the special colorway by Kremke Soul Wool for Strickmich! Club 2022. We then named the color “Happy Crowd”, and of course my design was named accordingly! “Happy Crowd” is a cowl knit on the bias that is made to showcast a yarn with long color changes like “Lazy Lion”.

The pattern uses only 100 g (one skein) of sockyarn and can be modified to yield a longer but narrower cowl if you prefer. If you have more than one skein, you can freely choose how long and wide you would like your cowl to be. The zig-zags become second nature after a while and are so much fun to knit! Can you tell I am in a ziggy-zaggy phase of my life as a knitwear designer? The pattern is now released on Ravelry and in Strickmich! Shop, where we also carry the yarn (shipping is worldwide!)