Knitting Friend to go

I just love to write. I forget everything around me, and unless someone comes in and interrupts me, I am in flow in no time. When I was a kid, I used to write about mice who fell into pots of blueberry jam and had to spend their lives as purple mice, later I snagged my father’s old completely (i.e. chord-free) mechanical typewriter and wrote on the cheap paper I found in our garage. In school I loved to write long essays in German and history class: Thinking about new topics, gathering ideas and writing everything down, and in the end someone will read it and – best case – say “well done”. In college I still loved writing, but it began to bother me that only one or two people would read my work. I applied for a spot at the Henri Nannen School of Journalism in Hamburg and became a writer at Brigitte Magazine – in the cosmetics department (still don’t know how that happened). Then came the kids, the Hitchhiker, and knitting and knitwear design became my primary creative endeavour, and I find that putting knitting ideas out in the world is just as exiting as writing. But I still love to write: in my blog, in the introductions to my knitting patterns, in my little book “Stricken macht schön” (“Knitting makes you beautiful”), and in my knitting column for Rebecca Magazine (which, unfortunately, is only available in German!). I write about anything that comes to mind about knitting: Why do I only get compliments for old and pilly pieces? Why do all knitting pictures on Instagram look so clean? Do I have to knit a light gray shawl now? Or crochet a bikini? Is there right and wrong when it comes to knitting?

All questions that I love to discuss with my knitting friends at our knitting events here at my house, with a big mug of coffee and a beautiful piece of homemade cake (btw our next knitting event is on May 25th!). But knit nights and fiber festivals don’t happen every day, and for some people we are to far away to attend. So I hope that my Rebecca column will fill the gap and somehow be your knitting friend on the go. In the current issue I write about knitting in the summer heat.