Puerto Montt

Striking and intense, dramatic color and contrast, and fascinating geometric shapes are what you can see if you board a ship in Puerto Montt in the very South of Chile and travel a few nautic miles to the Laguna San Rafael, where a bright teal-colored glacier lies between dark rocks, and if you are lucky you can see chunks of the ice break off and fall spectacularly into the water.

My husband and I spent a year in Chile, and we took our baby son on a cruise to this place, because I insisted that the only thing I really, really needed to see in Chile was the teal-blue glacier. When this yarn arrived, I was im- mediately reminded of the strange beauty of that place – and created an unusually shaped shawl which is simple, but dramatically shaped and can be worn in various flattering ways.

It also turns out that this shawl construction looks fabulous in a gradient or self-striping yarn! Here’s our version in Schoppel Crazy Zauberball, colorway “Blasser Schimmer”. I’m in Love!

Now as a download and printed version in Strickmich! Shop (we also carry the Zauberball yarn!) and on Ravelry.

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