Sommer Camp 2023

What could be better than knitting outside in the sunshine? Easy: Knitting with others outside in the sunshine – either virtually or in real life! This year, we invite you again to our Strickmich! Sommer Camp: We will knit together from August 7th to September 3rd, and the motto is “Gettin’ Ziggy with it”. Pick a pattern with zig-zags like Hitch on the Move, Rockin’ Rows, Sophiste, Match & Move or the good old Hitchhiker. And – I can tell you this much – there will be another pattern by me being published until then that will also fulfill the critieria! We will have pretty Sommer Camp Goodies that you can earn with your purchases in Strickmich! Shop, we will chat along in Strickmich! Netz and have a raffle in the end: everyone who has uploaded a pic of their finished camp project to Strickmich! Netz will participate. Sounds good? Definitely!