Strickmich! Knitting Inventions – coming soon!

Strickmich! Knitting Inventions – coming soon!

Exiting news: There will be a book! Hardbound, with a gorgeous layout and all new pictures. “Strickmich! Knitting Inventions” is a collection of all my designs that were departures from what had been there before in the knitting world. Take the Hitchhiker – one of the most popular knitting designs in the world – that has inspired a whole new family of knitted shawls.

The construction of “Match & Move” has become a staple in the knitting world – but when I first came up with it, it was brand new: A knitting invention. In my view, knitwear design means to re-think knitting, to do things differently and to make them original. I also think that instructions need to be short and elegant, that complicated techniques need to be avoided (that often includes purling) and that knitting is most fun when you can use a colorful, handdyed or color-changing yarn.

In this book you will find 20 knitting patterns, among them two new un-published ones, and their stories: about Chilean glaciers, 3-dimensional paper models and sunsets over the Damsdorf desert.

Strickmich! Knitting Inventions is published by Strickmich!, will be launched on 16. September and has 104 full-color pages.

The book launch party takes place at our next knitting event at 2pm on September 14th here in Damsdorf, Germany.

The patterns included in the book are:

Match & Move
Rose Candy
Hitchhiker Beyond
Tough & Toasty
Green Light Shawl
Ecken + Kanten
Puerto Montt
Lupino (NEU)
Spiral Escape
Berry Skies
Setting Sun (NEU)

“Strickmich! Knitting Inventions” will also be available for retailers – you can order it through your merchant’s account in Strickmich! Shop.