Green Light Shawl

Green and light – that means green lights for everyone who would like to knit their very first lace project! It starts with simple garter stitch on the bias, the lace border is knit on last. The result is a classically elegant cres- cent shaped symmetric shawl, light as a feather and warm and comfy at the same time, in a fascinating exotic yarn. The shape is achieved by stacking two geometric shapes onto one another, all in garter stitch to keep it simple. The attractive lace edging is attached perpendicularly as the final step.

A nice project to start at home and take on vacation: Work on the mindless and relaxing garter stitch part while still at home and working, and save the slight- ly more complicated lace part for when you have arrived at your destination, are relaxed and have lots of time to knit the lace border in your deck chair.
Less than one skein of an ultralight blend of yak and silk results in a shawl that will fit women of all sizes. If you would like to make it even bigger, go ahead and use up your entire skein (instructions on how to do that are given in the pattern).

Shawl in the pictures:
Length: 230 cm (92 inches)
Depth: 33 cm (13 inches)
57 grams of yarn used
Colorway: Apfel

The pattern and the yarn for this project is available in Strickmich! Shop, the pattern can also be found on Ravelry.

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  1. Martina wie geht w&w ?? danke für eine Antwort, wenn es geht ein kleines Video ??

  2. Das Video ist in der Anleitung verlinkt :)