Strickplaner 2019 for Retailers and Sponsors

The year 2018 has started and for many, many knitters it’s the first year with our little Strickplaner – a paper planner for knitters that will help you focus on the important things in life (knitting, of course!) and keep everything that has to do with it neatly organized. Strickplaner 2018 has been a new, fresh endeavour for us which we brought to life win cooperation with our partners at weekview and our lovely sponsors. We were kind of overwhelmed by the response to Strickplaner (and our post lady, too!): renowned yarn stores in many countries wanted to stock it and sold it with great success, and knitters from all over the world ordered it from our online shop. The English Edition sold out by the end of 2017 (we only have a couple of books with minor flaws left in our store).

We got tremendously useful feedback in our online survey (if you have not yet, you can still participate!), and we will do our best to incorporate it in the new edition of Strickplaner 2019: More pages for knitting ideas and projects, more room to write in the weekly layout and much more. We cooperate closely with Christian Schumacher, graphic designer at weekview, who has tweaked the layout to be even more user-friendly and pretty. The vast majority of people who took our survey is planning to use Strickplaner in 2019 as well – we are glad to hear that!

All of this has led us to the decision to have a larger print run for 2019. And we would like to have everything ready to be printed even sooner, so we can provide our retailers earlier and have a bit of time reserved for unexpected events. So we are starting right away to allocate sponsoring spots for 2019: Weekly inspirations, banners and whole pages in full color are available. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor or retailer: planner (at) and we will send you our sponsoring info sheet.

Looking forward to having you on board!

1 Comments on “Strickplaner 2019 for Retailers and Sponsors

  1. I am so excited to know that the planner is being planned for 2019! That has been my only concern with the experience is that I would not have one for future years. I’m sure that I am not utilizing the full potential but I learn more and more every day using this 2018 planner and am finding it so very helpful. I will be buying the new planner as soon as it is available!!