I am now MartinaBehm on Ravelry


When I chose my Ravelry Name a couple of years ago, “Martina” was already taken, and as I wanted something short an number-free, I just exchanged the “r” for an “l” and became “Maltina”. I was only mildly aware that this is also the name of a Nigerian malt-beer brand which really had nothing to do with me or my work. It did not bother me for a long time, but during the past couple of weeks I got a feeling that I needed to change this. My full name is visible on my designer profile anyway, so it does not really make sense to hide behind a made-up name. So today I changed my name to “MartinaBehm”, and it feels really good! I will make an effort to change this on my patterns, business cards and the like, but this will take al little time. I hope you will find me nevertheless!

2 Comments on “I am now MartinaBehm on Ravelry

  1. Congrats on “coming out of the closet.” Perhaps a more fitting phrase, “coming out from your yarn stash.”
    Jodi /wiyarnsnob

  2. Das ist eine gute Idee und klingt doch viel schöner