It’s been a long winter – time for a little bit of color, don’t you agree? Enter my new pattern “Frattali”: made out of a spectacular color-changing yarn by German manufacturer Schoppel (famous for the Zauberball!), and the fractal construction makes it a fun and interesting while relaxing knit. The colors channel spring at its best, and the shawl will be so light that you will love wearing it even when the days get longer and warmer.

Fractals – those are geometric shapes that repeat their overall shape in the small details, and I have been fascinated by them for a long time. So, why not knit a shawl that plays with a fractal structure? “Frattali” is a large stole worked in the round, super easy to knit, and the fun fractal structure makes it interesting to knit and wear. Use a fine yarn with long color changes in your favorite shades to accentuate the shape and construction. As it is so big and light, you will find that it offers many possibilities on how to wear it: Fold it lengthwise to wear it as a scarf, drape it over your shoulders, or bundle it up around the neck. Have fun with Frattali!

Frattali was knit out of one Schoppel Lace Flower, colorway “Streiflichter”. The pattern and the yarn are available – also as a kit – in Strickmich! Shop and on Ravelry.