Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 3

Last week we knit at a distance, but this week it’s cuddle time: Our motto is “Knitting with Pets”, and that’s also the theme of our next photo challenge. Pets can be challenging knitting partners sometimes when they develop an interest in our yarn balls, but they are certainly useful for a relaxed knitting vibe and for warming your feet…! Find our tips for knitting with our beloved furry friends below!

Who keeps you company when you knit at home? Show us in a picture! Whether you have a real pet, a cute stuffed animal or one you made or knit yourself: Show us how much fun (or chaos?) knitting with pets can be! To participate, upload your picture in our thread on Ravelry (please only 1 pic, no layouts, no text). Our team will choose the winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) on July 29th. The first prize is a 25 € gift card for Strickmich! Shop, 2nd and 3rd prize is a pattern by Martina Behm as a pdf. Alternatively, load up your picture on Instagram using the hashtags #knittingwithpets and #strickmichsommercamp.

Our tips for knitting with pets

  • Cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, turtles and hamsters: My dear colleague Ute is an expert when it comes to knitting in the company of pets – and dealing with all the little catastrophes they might cause. Here are her tips for knitting with critters:
  • Teach your dog that yarn is not a toy – it’s hard work in the beginning, but it surely pays off when your dog peacefully snuggles up at your feet while you knit.
  • Even birds can make knitting more fun: Ute once had one that would roll a ball of yarn for her while she knit…!
  • If a cat or dog messes up a skein of yarn, don’t despair: Most of the times, the yarn can be untangled and will be just as new after a wash. If you don’t like to disentangle it yourself, ask friends or family: A surprisingly large number of people finds dealing with woolly messes a relaxing and satisfying activity.
  • In Germany, there is a company named Modus Intarsia where you can send your dog’s hair – and they will spin supersoft yarn out of it…! <–:–>