The Hitchhiker Collection is here!

The Hitchhiker is celebrating its 10th birthday – and you are invited to the party! In my new book “The Hitchhiker Collection” you will find 20 designs using the Hitchhiker construction principle, but as diverse and fun as knititng can be: with loops and ruffles, lace and texture, intarsia and – of course! – Hitchhiker teeth. 17 of the 20 patterns are known and loved, 3 are new and only availiabe in this book:

Bunny & Claire made out of the beautiful, amazing Angora yarn by Seidenhase in Germany:

Treehiker out of my new favorite “Morning Salutation” by Kremke Soul Wool:

Hope & Confidence out of the tried and loved “Yummy 2-ply” von Miss Babs:

Find “The Hitchhiker Collection” in Strickmich! Shop and at selected retailers like Miss Babs in the US and Arnall-Culliford Knitwear in the UK.