Blunk the Hat

BlunktheHatbyMartinaBehm 3

When I invented the “Tensfield” and “Langfield” hats, my focus was on a seamless hat that could be adjusted to the wearer’s head during the knitting. My family and I are super-fond of our hats and wear them all the time – but my geometrically inclined mind would not stop reasoning until it found a way to make such a hat that would also be symmetrical.

BlunktheHatbyMartinaBehm 14

So here is Blunk, a cousin to the Tensfield hat that you will certainly enjoy knitting, too! As usual, you can use anything you have in your stash as gauge does not matter at all. This hat will turn out particularly nice in a handspun yarn with long color changes. The name? “Blunk” is the village next to Tensfeld, right around the corner from Damsdorf, my home.

BlunktheHatbyMartinaBehm 22

The hat is knit modularly, there are no seams. Gaps on top are closed using a three-needle bind-off.

Available here in my Ravelry Store.