Payment & Shipping

Payment Options

You can pay for your membership with Paypal or if you live in Europe also via SEPA bank transfer. We hope you understand that we cannot accept payment any other way and do not offer installments.

SEPA bank transfer: Transferring money within Europe via SEPA is easy and cheap. We will send an email confirmation once the money is in our account. Please note that the transfer can take a few days, and therefore please start the transfer as soon as possible as only completely paid applications can be considered for Club membership. .

Paypal: is probably the most convenient way to pay online all over the world. Also, with Paypal the money will reach our account fast, ensuring your membership. However, Paypal charges quite a high fee for receiving money (i.e. from us) depending on the country. This fee is included in your membership price.

Club Shipping

We will ship outside of Germany with certified and signed premium mail. We will be shipping the Strickmich! Club worldwide. If your country is not listed in the address choices, please send an email to info(at) and we will add it.

HOWEVER, we cannot guarantee that your package will get through customs in your country. We are not able to check any possible country for its import regulations, taxes and laws. As Peter has to organize shipping alone, we also cannot add any additional documents, translations, certificates etc. which might be required by your country. Please ask your customs authorities before ordering the Club.

The cost of shipping is already included in the price for your membership (as requested by our Club members).

Pick-up „Abholer“: If you are able to pick up ALL four packages yourself in Damsdorf, Germany, you only have to pay the Club membership and no shipping fee at sign-up. Every package can be picked up at the Cast-On-Event or a subsequent date. If a package is not picked up a lot of additional complications and extra work are created for us (i.e. we have to re-pack everything etc.) Therefore, we will charge 9 Euro within Germany and 15 Euro internationally for shipping an „Abholer“ package. Since all Club members who normally get their package shipped may also attend the Cast-On-Events if they wish, you should only choose the free pick-up option if you realistically are able to come to Damsdorf for all 4 packages.

Dates for the Cast-On-Events are:

February 24th 2018, May 26th 2018, September 15th 2018, November 24th 2018