Strickmich! Club Dyers 2016

One of our Club Yarns from 2014: "Kneif mich!" by Rohrspatz & Wollmeise


The yarn in this year’s Strickmich! Club is something special indeed. Four exceptional dyers each have developed a colorway together with Martina which will premier in the Club and will be exclusive to Club members for 6 months at least. The excitement and the surprise when opening the Club package is key to the experience, therefore we will only tell you this much about the yarn: Martina has selected yarn bases of great quality which are very pleasant to knit and wear. Materials will include 100% Merino wool, but also a few blends with luxury fibers such as silk or mohair. A variety of yarn weights will also be included.

More yarn, more excitement!

Each shipment will contain at least one skein of the exclusive yarn. The total weight of the yarn in the regular Club membership will be 100 grams in each for two of the four packages, one package with 125g and one with 150g. This year we will also be offering a Double Yarn membership. With this option, each shipment will contain twice the number of skeins of the Club yarn. However, please note that the other components of the Club shipments will only be included once. This is especially important for the knitting patterns.

Club Color "Myrsky" by Handu Yarns from Finnland, Strickmich! Club 20152016: The year of Cool Multicolors

This year will just as colorful as last year, and we will see a great variety in yarn colors. We are especially happy to announce that all of our club skeins of 2016 will be multicolored! Staying true to ourselves, the colors included will again be of the cooler spectrum such as blue, turquoise, cool greens or reds, pink or a cool chocolate brown or beautiful grey. The truly warm color spectum will not be covered (i.e. no orange, warm yellows or browns). Experience shows that if you do not like a yarn included in a shipment, many other knitters will be happy to trade this exclusive yarn with you.

The dyers participating in 2016 are the following. Click on the logos to learn more!





The order in which they are introduced is not necessarily the order in which the yarns are shipped. Also, if for some reason (we’re only human, after all!) one of them is not able to deliver the yarn on time, we might have to replace her.