A triangle, but an unusual one: “Trickangle” has several middle axes that have gone astray, which makes the shawl’s structure look interesting if you are using a multicolored or color-changing yarn.
You can also use a set of mini-skeins – the effect will be fun!

With “Trickangle”, you can use up all the yarn you have and make the shawl as large as you like. For this sample, I have used one skein
of “Pure Sock” by German dyer Uschitita in her amazing colorway “TGIF”. Feel free to use several skeins or different colors – there are no limits to your creativity! “Trickangle“ can be a small summery shawlette (like my sample) or a huge shawl to keep you warm when it gets colder (you will need more yarn for that, obviously!). The pattern contains instructions on how to adjust the design to your needs. Ah, and did I mention that the shawl is worked all in relaxing garter stitch that is suitable for happy vacation knitting? Enjoy, and have a great summer!

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