Corners, Edges, Stripes

My new favorite shawl: great colors, fun stripes, interesting construction, generous measurements – and the yarn is so soft and feels so good that I think I will never take this off! “Corners, Edges, Stripes” is the striped… Read More

Rose Candy

Rose Candy is here! Pattern and Kits (limited number!) are available at Strickmich! Shop. Also we have a limited number of skeins in the gorgeous exclusive Club color “Wild Rose”. Also, the pattern is downloadable on Ravelry. Enjoy!… Read More

Perfect Twins

These beautifully colored toe-up socks for my daughter (pattern is “Spice Man” by Yarnissima) have sweetened my evenings during the past couple of days. They are so easy to knit, and the pretty stripes in girly colors are… Read More