No more diets, please

These skeins are probably overweight Every now and then I browse the forums on Ravelry, and in almost every group one topic emerges every few weeks like the full moon over our village: the stash diet. Knitters all… Read More

Planner Peace

In 2008 I stopped using a paper calendar/planner. I had my appointments on my computer, also a non-organized notebook, to-do-lists and post-its flying around. Plus the nagging feeling that chaos was taking over. That was kind of okay… Read More

Come in, we’re open!

Peter and I are proud to announce that Strickmich! Shop is now online! We are offering a small selection of printed patterns in German language and also PDF-Downloads and my printed Strickmich! Booklets. Payment is by bank transfer… Read More

A Yarn Festival in Hamburg

Soooo many great knitters, so much colorful yarn, so many inspiring classes, so much fun! Wollfest Hamburg was absolutely wonderful. Peter and I have presented Strickmich! Club and my patterns at the tiniest booth in the whole marketplace… Read More

Getting used to…

Look what my mail lady has brought me: A very cute package to sweeten our arrival in our new home! Everything prettily wrapped and a joy to look at – a real treat! A knitter from Leipzig (who is… Read More

New Horizons

No, this is not another picture from Squam – this is how it looks like in the area where we will move in two weeks! After 10 years in the big city (Hamburg) we found ourselves ready to move… Read More


How do I wear Tubularity? In this little video I demonstrate some possibilities: How to wear Tubularity on Vimeo.

Pimp your Bag

It’s been about a year that I own this little black bag (“Side Effect” by Tom Bihn), but I have started using it only recently. It’s not exactly stylish, but such a pleasure to use: several pockets inside,… Read More

A little reading

I will be doing a little reading in a small town near Hamburg on 27th Nov:


Gestern habe ich den ganzen Tag gestrickt. Ich arbeite an einer neuen Anleitung, und nachdem ich vor ein paar Tagen meinen ersten Versuch komplett ribbeln musste, war ein Strickmarathon fällig, um die neue, bessere Version anzufertigen. Und dabei… Read More


Oh, war das schön. Ich hatte seit viereinhalb Jahren zum ersten Mal wieder ein Wochenende nur für mich, und ich war an der Ostsee (habe der Versuchung widerstanden, nach Pfaffenhofen zum Wollmeise-Laden zu fahren): Ich liebe den Ostseestrand,… Read More