Bunny & Claire

If you have always loved the idea of learning how to do intarsia, this project is for you! Bunny & Claire is a simple triangle with an intriguing geometric pattern that requires no counting of stitches, no chart and only one single color change per row. It is much simpler than you probably thought, and you will have no qualms about trying new projects with this technique after you’ve successfully finished your “Bunny & Claire”. I chose a light and fluffy, animal-friendly sourced Angora yarn from Germany’s only Angora yarn producer “Seidenhase”, that will make your shawl delightfully warm and fuzzy.

Claire (hence the name!) treats her Angora bunnies extraordinarily well – she calls them “colleagues” and carefully shears them once a year when their fur gets too long. She places them on her lap and cuts off the fur by hand, all the while the bunny enjoys the beauty treatment! Then she sends of the fiber to a spinning mill where the yarn is spun.

Watch in this Youtube Video (external link) how the bunnies are kept and shorn

For “Bunny & Claire” you will need two 50-skeins of “Seidenhase Pure” in two different colors. Find yarn kits in Strickmich! Shop as a limited edition and also directly from Seidenhase, who also carries other color combinations.

The pattern is exclusive to my new book “The Hitchhiker Collection” which you can find in Strickmich! Shop or order from Miss Babs (US) and Arnall-Culliford Knitwear (UK).

The Hitchhiker Collection is here!

The Hitchhiker is celebrating its 10th birthday – and you are invited to the party! In my new book “The Hitchhiker Collection” you will find 20 designs using the Hitchhiker construction principle, but as diverse and fun as knititng can be: with loops and ruffles, lace and texture, intarsia and – of course! – Hitchhiker teeth. 17 of the 20 patterns are known and loved, 3 are new and only availiabe in this book:

Bunny & Claire made out of the beautiful, amazing Angora yarn by Seidenhase in Germany:

Treehiker out of my new favorite “Morning Salutation” by Kremke Soul Wool:

Hope & Confidence out of the tried and loved “Yummy 2-ply” von Miss Babs:

Find “The Hitchhiker Collection” in Strickmich! Shop and at selected retailers like Miss Babs in the US and Arnall-Culliford Knitwear in the UK.

Strickmich! Club 3-2020

Herzlich willkommen beim dritten virtuellen Anstrick-Event für den Strickmich! Club 2020! Hier geht’s zum Video (externer Link zu Youtube).


Welcome to the third virtual cast-on event of Strickmich! Club 2020! Here’s the link to the video (external link to Youtube). Happy knitting!

Strickmich! Club: Sign-ups start Oct 16th

Get ready for Strickmich! Club 2021! This year, we will offer lots of options: choose printed patterns or pdfs, choose how much yarn you would like and extra online classes with Martina. This amazing yarn club will offer yarns by worldwide superstars like Miss Babs, Rohrspatz & Wollmeise, Hedgehog Fibers and Kremke Soul Wool – in exclusive colors – plus new and exclusive knitting patterns by Martina Behm. Check out our videos to find out more! Sign-ups start on our website Strickmich.club on October 16th!

All the details and options in Strickmich! Club 2021 (external link to Youtube)

Peter and I discuss what’s new in Strickmich! Club 2020 (link to Youtube)

In this video I introduce our dyers for 2020

Sign up here!

Strickmich! Club 2-2020

Endlich ist es so weit! Alle Mitglieder des Strickmich! Clubs 2020 haben ihre Päckchen in den vergangenen Tagen bekommen. Und hier ist das Video für das virtuelle gemeinsame Anstricken (Link zu Youtube):

Finally! All members of Strickmich! Club have received their packages during the past couple of days. Click on the pic above to watch the virtual cast-on event (link to YouTube). Happy knitting!

Pretty Planner Bag

A cute little knitted bag for your Strickplaner 2021 – your knitting planner! Made out of the shiny but durable “Pinta” by Pascuali – your planner will always be with you and well protected, but in style. Download the pattern here for free!

Strickplaner 2021 – your knitting planner is here!

2021 will be better than 2020, right? It surely will with this little planner that we created with knitters’ needs in mind: A clever time management system will help you stay on top of your tasks and your daily planning, lots of pages dedicated to your knitting will help you keep organized. And a weekly knitting inspiration will lift your spirits! Find all details about Strickplaner 2021 here.

It comes with a knitting pattern for this cute planner bag:

Find Strickplaner 2021 in Strickmich! Shop and online shops around the world.

Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 6

Final challenge! This time, you will have until August 31st to finish your camp project, take a beautiful picture and post it either in our thread on Ravelry, or using the hashtags #strickmichsommercamp and #sommercampfinal on social media. We will choose the winners (1st prize is a gift card from Strickmich! Shop, 2nd and 3rd prize are pattern pdfs by yours truly) on August 31st and are really looking forward to seeing lots of pretty knitting! I have talked to my husband Peter, who is our photographer here at Strickmich!, on how to get the best results when taking pictures of your finished objects – you will find his tips in our Sommer Camp Newsletter.

Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 5

How do you keep cool while knitting? Feet dangling in a bucket full of ice water? A big nice icey cocktail by your side? Do you wear a big hat? Show us how you manage to knit in these temperatures! Post your picture on Ravelry or on social media using the hashtags #hotsummerknitting and #strickmichsommercamp. We will choose the winners on August 19th!

Join Strickmich! Sommer Camp! We are knitting together through the summer until August 31st. Signing up is free, and you will earn our lovely Sommer Camp Goodies with your next purchase (over € 25) in Strickmich! Shop.

Strickmich! Sommer Camp Week 4

Let’s make everything more fun, more colorful and more squishy by adding knitted or crocheted embellishments to our surroundings! Show us your yarn bombing project: a stone, a door handle, a lamp post or maybe a little dwarf on a window sill… To participate, upload your picture in our thread on Ravelry or load it up on Instagram or facebook, using our hashtag #strickmichsommercamp.

An entire little city made out of yarn, complete with cars, fire trucks and skyscrapers: David Wasser (who is from the US) has co-ordinated a huge yarnbombing project in Frankfurt, Germany called Wollkenkratzer. Here are his tips for your first yarn bombing project:

  • Start with something small: A door handle, a part of a fence or a lamp post can easily be beautified with a simple rectangle made out of colorful yarn.
  • Yarn made out of artificial fibers is king for yarnbombing: It won’t become heavy when it rains and it’s really durable.
  • Even if you prefer knitting to crochet – try a little crochet for your yarnbombing projects. It’s often more stable and less stretchy, which is an advantage.
  • Yarnbombing does not destroy or damage the objects it is attached to – hence, it is usually well tolerated and not considered criminal. However, you should refrain from yarnbombing traffic signs or anything that might heat up and make your yarnbombing project catch fire.
  • If you would like your object not to be removed very easily, use cable ties to attach them.
  • A responsible yarn bomber will look after their projects and remove and discard of them once they have become worn and unattractive.