Strickmich! Club 2022 Cast-on Event No. 2

On Saturday, May 21st at 1 pm CET we will celebrate the second Cast-on event of Strickmich! Club 2022 – live hier in Damsdorf and in this video (link to Youtube).
Strickmich! Club brings you the best yarns of the world – plus new exclusive knitting patterns by Martina Behm. At the cast-on events, we will open one of the yarn bags and see the design made with the yarn for the first time.

Get your ticket for our Knitting Event now!

© Autorenfoto: Isabela Pacini

Finally we will see each other again! On May 21st, we will be hosting a real live knitting event here in Damsdorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. We will start at 1 pm with the cast-on event for knitters of Strickmich! Club, then go on with the knitting event for everyone at 2 pm, and at 3:30 best-selling German author Till Raether will read from his book “Treue Seelen”. As we need to plan ahead and also comply with regulations due to the pandemic concerning the number of participants, we kindly ask you to book your spot in Strickmich! Shop. Tickets go for 8 Euros and include a coupon for beverages and snacks worth 5 Euros. The rest covers our expenses for hygiene and checking tickets and coping with the requirements. The ticket covers the cast-on event, the knitting event and the reading with Till Raether.

Reserve your spot here in Strickmich! Shop. You will not need to bring a ticket or print-out, we will work with a list of participants. You will get the 5 Euro coupon when entering.

For your own safety, we will require you to wear FFP2-masks while inside the house, except for when you are seated.

The tickets are non-refundable.

Looking forward to knitting with you!

Strickmich! Club 2022 Cast-on Event No. 1

We will cast on together on February 26th at 12 noon! The link leads to Youtube.

Knitting From Your Stash

You would like to use up the yarns from your stash? I have a few useful tips for you in this video (link to Youtube):

Planning my Year with Strickplaner

Planning my year is a vital part of my life as a desiger, and this spread in Strickplaner – your knitting planner – is the most useful tool for that! I can put in my kid’s school vacations (green) our cast-on dates (marked “Event) and go from there: the Strickmich! Club patterns need to be ready to print six weeks before those dates. This year, I have also committed to two other designs with deadlines, and a project with a couple of small designs. I will mark the times when I need to be working on them, and it’s easy to see where I get overlaps and need to figure out how to deal with that. This spread makes me feel in control – a perfect overview! Whenever I come up with new design ideas, I will write them down here and figure out when I can work on them. These “Timeline”-spreads are useful for all aspects of life and work, not only for knitting. Strickplaner – your knitting planner – has four of them, so you can use them for four years or four different areas of your life. Strickplaner is available in Strickmich! Shop and from Miss Babs in the US.

Winter Special in Strickmich! Shop

We have something special for you in Strickmich! Shop: For orders between November 25th and December 22nd, we will throw in the following gifts if you shop for a certain amount (excluding shipping costs). Orders above 60 Euros will earn you the cute snow man needle gauge by Succaplokki in Finland, orders above 100 Euros will get the super useful Strickmich! Bowl accessory pouch, and orders above 160 Euros get the brand new Strickmich! Big Bowl project bag. It folds open to a bowl that makes it so easy to knit from! Happy shopping and knitting!


Simple, but with a nice effect: “Feldmark” is the name of this shawl, and it looks especially good in a self-striping yarn that will do all the work for you. Just knit it up in squishy garter stitch, it comes off the needles completely finished. No seaming! Find the pattern as a download in Strickmich! Shop as well as the lovely yarn (Edition 3 by Schoppel). The pattern is also on Ravelry.

Strickmich! Club 2021 Cast-on Event No 4

Finally! On Saturday, Nov. 20th we will cast on the fourth project of Strickmich! Club 2021 together. Here’s the link to my video on youtube (external link).

P. S.: You can still join Strickmich! Club 2022 for a pattern-only membership!

Strickmich! Club 2022: Sign up now!

Our sign-up page at is open now! Spots with our exclusively dyed yarns are limited. The amazing club yarns for 2022 are coming from:

Strickmich! Club 2022 – Videos!

Sign-ups for Strickmich! Club 2022 start on October 15th! Find everything you need to know on our website and in these videos that Peter and I made for you: All about shipping, the options, online classes and live events. Enjoy!

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