Leaf me this way

Meet “Leaf me this way”: a seamless cowl with a decorative lace border. Enjoy mindless knitting during the first part and a little bit of excitement when you reach part II, where the lacy border is worked. The leaf pattern makes this cowl so special!

Find the pattern on Ravelry and in Strickmich! Shop.

Double Hitch

The Hitchhiker family has grown: “Double Hitch” has a double zig-zag border instead of the simple one you know from the original pattern. Tiny squares are knit into the zig-zags, of course completely modularly and seamless, it just happens during the knitting while you follow the instructions.

“Double Hitch” was the fourth pattern of Strickmich! Club 2022 and is now available on Ravelry and in Strickmich! Shop. We also have a limited amount of the original yarn, hand-dyed by La Bien Aimée in Paris, in stock.


A narrow scarf with a good length, knit out of soft and colorful wool, is the best accessory for reading in the park, for browsing the shelves of your favorite bookstore or library or on your way to the book fair. Almost magically, it makes us look sophisticated and well-read – don’t you think?

This pretty scarf is knit on the bias with a pretty zig-zag pattern that is created by working increases and decreases in a color-changing yarn: Use your own handspun or something (almost!) as pretty like “Edition 3” or Zauberball by Schoppel or “Lazy Lion” by Kremke Soul Wool. Depending on how long you would like your scarf, you will use between 100 and 150 g of yarn. You will need four stitch markers in two different colors and a crochet hook of suitable size, as you will crochet cast-on new stitches every now and then (I show you how that works in a video). So: Happy knitting and reading!

The pattern is available as a download on Ravelry and in Strickmich! Shop, where you will also find the matching yarn.

Happy Crowd – a colorful cowl

A happy crowd of people, in colorful clothes, maybe gathering on a lawn, drinks in their hands, maybe listening to a band playing, chatting along – that’s the picture I had in my mind when I first saw the special colorway by Kremke Soul Wool for Strickmich! Club 2022. We then named the color “Happy Crowd”, and of course my design was named accordingly! “Happy Crowd” is a cowl knit on the bias that is made to showcast a yarn with long color changes like “Lazy Lion”.

The pattern uses only 100 g (one skein) of sockyarn and can be modified to yield a longer but narrower cowl if you prefer. If you have more than one skein, you can freely choose how long and wide you would like your cowl to be. The zig-zags become second nature after a while and are so much fun to knit! Can you tell I am in a ziggy-zaggy phase of my life as a knitwear designer? The pattern is now released on Ravelry and in Strickmich! Shop, where we also carry the yarn (shipping is worldwide!)

Half Norwegian

This black rock is the Nord Kapp!

I am back from a fabulous Knitting Cruise to Norway! The Fjords were amazing, and I really loved the days we spent north of the polar circle, when the sun never set. Unforgettable!

To make sure every participant had a nice knitted souvenir to take back home, I designed “Half Norwegian”: My new shawl featuring a Norwegian Star cut in half – it’s a popular pattern for two-colored-knitting in Norway that started in the little town of Selbu, where it was used to make mittens warmer and prettier. Here, you start from the center with the light color and add the dark parts later on. No stranded knitting involved, almost no casting on or binding off, just increases and decreases. No picking up of stitches either. A very relaxing project – maybe yours for Strickmich! Sommer Camp that starts next week? Pattern is available on Ravelry and in Strickmich! Shop.

Sommer Camp 2023

What could be better than knitting outside in the sunshine? Easy: Knitting with others outside in the sunshine – either virtually or in real life! This year, we invite you again to our Strickmich! Sommer Camp: We will knit together from August 7th to September 3rd, and the motto is “Gettin’ Ziggy with it”. Pick a pattern with zig-zags like Hitch on the Move, Rockin’ Rows, Sophiste, Match & Move or the good old Hitchhiker. And – I can tell you this much – there will be another pattern by me being published until then that will also fulfill the critieria! We will have pretty Sommer Camp Goodies that you can earn with your purchases in Strickmich! Shop, we will chat along in Strickmich! Netz and have a raffle in the end: everyone who has uploaded a pic of their finished camp project to Strickmich! Netz will participate. Sounds good? Definitely! 

Hitch on the Move

My new knitting pattern “Hitch on the Move” combines the zig-zags of my most popular design, the “Hitchhiker” with the fun construction of “Match & Move”. In this sample, we have used two beautiful summery yarns that you will both find in Strickmich! Shop. Alternatively, pick a set of mini-skeins and a matching bigger one. The possibilities are endless!

Find “Hitch on the Move” in Strickmich! Shop and on Ravelry.


How about a beautiful, light summer shawl with that uses only one skein of yarn? “Rise” is just for you! Knit up one skein (100 g will suffice) of fingering weight yarn until you run out – “Rise” uses the same construction as the “Hitchhiker”. Plus: double yarn overs will make the shawl light and really big! Perfect summer knitting…

Find the pattern and the beautiful yarn dyed by German hand dyer Uschitita in Strickmich! Shop. The pattern is also available on Ravelry.

Square Squared

Here’s my new hat “Square Squared”! You start with a square that is knit in the round and continue working back and forth until the hat is complete. No seaming!

The hat can be adapted to the desired size during the knitting, and gauge is not important. For my sample, I used a set of mini-skeins by Manos del Uruguay (“Fino Minis”) in the colorway “Flora”.

Find the pattern and the yarn in Strickmich! Shop. The pattern is also on Ravelry.


You like a little lace, but not too much? You like projects in solid colors and want to make the most of that single skein of yarn you bought? “Rosida” might be just the knitting project for you!

Rosida is worked on the bias out of a beautifully soft organic yarn in the exclusive color “Fuchsia” that was dyed especially for the members of Strickmich! Club 2022. Now we have a few of those 125-g-skeins left in Strickmich! Shop for you – but only as long as supplies last!

The pattern is written so that even beginners in lace knitting will be able to follow. Rosida can also be enlarged if you use more than one skein of yarn. Important: Please use your kitchen scales to determine how much yarn you have and how much of it to use in Parts I-III.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and in Strickmich! Shop, where you will also find the yarn.